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A Growing Economy

Lesson Quiz 11-1 A Growing Economy

The period in history when many people left their homes and farms to work in mills was called the industrial revolution. False
New England offered ideal conditions for farming. false
A patent gives a person legal rights regarding an invention. true
Corporation developed rapidly in the 1830s when legal obstacles to their formation were removed. true
Libraries, museums, and a variety of shops were in plentiful supply in rural America in the 1800s. false
what was at the heart of the industrial revolution? farms, rivers, and streams
what was a significant development in the way goods were made? development of mills
who developed the system of interchangeable parts? Eli Whitney
what where roads consisting of logs laid side by side called? corduroy roads
which road connected Ohio with the East? national road
where did early pioneer families tend to settle in communities? along great rivers
what means transportation contributed to the growth of river cities such as Cincinnati? steamboats
where did most Americans live at the time of the first census? between the Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean
The first census of the United states was taken in the year ______________. 1790
The __________ extended from New York City to Buffalo and was 363 miles long. Erie Canal
Beginning in the 1780s,__________ engines were used to power boats. steam
A series of____________ along a canal work like an escalator to help raise and lower boats up and down hills locks
Pioneer women in the west would get together for_____________________________ parties. Quilting and sewing
Created by: Tjacks
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