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Westward Expansion

Unit Test

What was Abolition? The movement to end slavery
Which invention increased the demand for slavery? The cotton gin
Who invented the cotton gin? Eli Whitney
What do we call a person who brings a product to market to make a profit? entrepreneur
Which man made waterway provided a faster route West? The Erie Canal
How did transporation west become cheaper and faster? steamboat, Erie Canal, steam locomtive, knowledge of trails
Which country did Jefferson purchase Louisiana from? France
Which motivation beginning in 1849 drew people to California? The gold rush
In which regions were California and the SW territories? Coastal Range & Basin and Range
Which policy led to the Cherokee relocation from Georgia? The Indian Removal Act
Who were the inventors of the reaper? Jo Anderson and Cyrus McCormick
Which movement were Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony and Sojourner Truth leaders in? Suffrage
What did William Lloyd Garrison name his newspaper? The Liberator
How do we remember the order of the territories? Look For The Orange Carrot
What is the belief that westward expansion was America's right and duty? Manifest Destiny
What is the Eastern boundary of the Louisiana Purchase? The Mississippi River
Where did most of the early industrialization occur? The North
What did Frederick Douglass name his newspaper? The North Star
Which territory was won in a war with Mexico? California
Which territory did the US get in a treaty with Spain? Florida
Which territory did the US get in a treaty with Great Britain? Oregon
Which territory was independent before joining the US? Texas
In which present state were the Cherokee relocated to? Oklahoma
In which territory was Oklahoma? Louisiana
Which inventor improved the steamboat? Robert Fulton
Where were the names of 2 of the major overland trails? Oregon and Santa Fe
What was the series of safe houses called that led escaped slaves to freedom? The Underground Railroad
What rights were denied to women? education, property, the vote, jobs
Created by: loughmann
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