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David´s Study Stack

What are the three major religions of the Middle East? Islam,Christianity,Judaism
What Middle Eastern nation does the leader inherit power? Saudi arabia
Which nation was created by the division of land between the Arabs and Jews in 1948? Israel
Industrial development in the 20th century has led to worldwide dependence on which region for sources of fuel? Middle East
Mao Zedong introduced an economic plan for China called the Great Leap Forward- what was the results of this plan? Famine,economic depression.
What is an example of unequal distribution of natural resources among countries? Abundance source of oil,but scarcity of water
How are leaders of India’s government chosen today? The people of india vote for their people
The United States sent armed forces to support south Vietnam during the 1960s and early 70s in an attempt to stop ____________ Communism
How has China has attempted to increase its GDP? They have increased their education programs
In what ways did the US help Japan, after WWII, rebuild its economy? Sharing manufacturing Knowledge,large sums of money through loans,providing resources need for their industries
This individual challenged British rule in India with non violent protesting Mohandas Gandhi
What was the main reason the US became involved in the wars of Korea and Vietnam? Containment of communism
Who is the leader responsible for establishing communism in China? Mao Zedong
Before the 19th century, Japan was an isolated nation, what is the main reason Japan has become involved in the world community since that time? Limited resources forced Japan's growing population to seek foreign markets
What is Nelson Mandela's most important contributions to South Africa? He helped bring an end to apartheid
Why is Nelson Mandela's election as president of South Africa significant? He was the first non-white elected president
South African government has a national government and 9 provincial governments, each with some reserved powers and shared powers. What type of government would South Africa be classified as? Federal
What was one effect the end of apartheid had on South Africa’s political system? South Africans were given rights to run for office and vote
Which 20th event in South Africa’s history is most closely associated with the end of apartheid? Nelson Mandela was elected
Erosion has made much of the cleared land barren and unable to support farming because of what African environmental issues Deforestation
Why did the Nationalist party set up the system of apartheid? To deprive black Africans of basic human rights
What is true about the impact of civil war and conflict on the regions of Africa? The quality and quantity of food is reduced
Location- Egypt is ____________ to Saudi Arabia northwest
What effect did the policy of apartheid have on South Africa? The election of Nelson Mandela
Describe how the Middle East's vast supply of oil has affected the history of the region since the 1950s? It has encouraged foreigners to compete for influence in the region
Population growth along the southern edge of the Sahara Desert has led to extensive deforestation. This deforestation has resulted in which development? Erosion has made much of the cleared land barren and unable to support farming
OPEC is concerned with the price of ______. OIL
What caused Saudi Arabia to have such rapid economic development? global oil supply by seizing oil rich Kuwait and threatening Saudi Arabian oil fields
Created by: davidweathers
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