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Postwar America

Postwar Prosperity, Culture, & Social Issues of the 1950s

demobilization the act of releasing soldiers at the end of a war to go home
productivity the rate at which goods are produced or services performed
service sector healthcare, law, retail, banking and insurance businesses
consumerism opposite thinking of "a penny saved is a penny earned"
beatniks group of writers and artists who refused to conform to acceptable ways of dressing, thinking and acting
urban renewal the revitalization of downtown areas and fixing up of run-down areas and/or "slums" (causes gentrefication sometimes)
appease to satisfy or make calm by giving what is wanted
aspiration a strong wish, hope or ambition
initiate to give the first knowledge or experience of something; to arrange for something to start
inflation a general increase in the prices of goods and services over time
confront to meet face to face in a bold way
perpetually describing something that is continuing uninterrupted for a long period of time
pessimist one who has a gloom and doom feeling about life and/or their future; has the belief that there is more evil than good in life
censure finding fault, criticize harshly
prosperity the condition of being wealthy and successful; thriving
nevertheless in spite of what could have or should have .....
permissive opposite of strict; leading to a lack of control
recurring something that happens or comes again from time to time
undertake to enter into or upon a task, journey, etc.
affluent having much money or property; prosperous, rich, wealthy
conformed acted in the required way
dispossess to force by law to give up property
dissenter someone who differs from the opinion from others; quarreler
exploited used in a selfish or unfair way
lamenting mourning; feeling or showing deep sorrow
Created by: Ms. Marshall
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