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US-The Mission

Study Guide for the test over The Mission

Which character in The Mission is the "Head Priest" who begins the mission above the falls? Father Gabriel
Which character in The Mission was a mercenary and slave trader before becoming a priest? Rodrigo Mendosa
Which character in The Mission is referred to as "His Eminence" and has come to settle the dispute in South America? The Cardinal
Which character in The Mission is the Governor of Spanish Territory? Don Cabasa
Which character in The Mission is the representative for the Portuguese government? Senjor Juantar
Which character in The Mission is the younger brother of Rodrigo? Philppe
To whom is the character that "His Eminence" is writing a letter explaining everything that has happened in South America? The Pope
Which government is wanting to enlarge their empire? Portuguese
Why is the Catholic Church trying to keep Spain and Portugal happy as they work through the dispute in South America? So the countries will work with the Catholic Church in Europe
Who is concerned that the Guaranine Indians remain safe in the Missions? Jesuits
Which territory in South America does not allow slavery in its borders? Spanish
Which territory in South America does allow slavery in its borders? Portuguese
What is the name for someone who has been killed for what they believe? Martyr
Who dragged a bag with him up to the Mission above the falls? Rodrigo
What was in this bag that he dragged to the Mission? His armour
What did the "stuff" in the bag that he dragged to the Mission symbolize? His past life
Why did Rodrigo drag this bag up to the Mission? It was his penance
When one of the priests cut the bag off Rodrigo what did he do? He went back and got it
When Rodrigo dragged the bag to the Mission, did the Guaranine Indians know who he was? Yes
What did the Guaranine do to Rodrigo when he got the Mission above the falls? Cut the bag off him and threw it into the river
What did it mean when the Guaranine cut the bag off Rodrigo and threw it into the river? They forgave him
Why didn't Rodrigo go back for the bag after the Guaranine cut the bag off him? If they could forgive him, then he could forgive himself for killing his brother
Who were the first group of Guaranine to accept Rodrigo into the tribe? Children
What did Rodrigo do when the Guaranine warriors honored him by allowing him to kill a wild pig? He wouldn't even touch the spear
What did it mean when Rodrigo would not touch the spear offered by the warriors? He was done with his past life of killing
How did Don Cabasa feel about the Guaranine Indians? They were animals
Who stole Rodrigo's girlfriend? Philippe
How do the Guaranine kill the priest in the opening scene of the movie? They float him down the river tied to a cross and he goes over the Falls
Who tells Rodrigo she loves his "little brother"? Rodrigo's girlfriend
How does Rodrigo kill his little brother? With a knife during a legal dual
Why is the fight between Rodrigo and Philippe a legal duel? Because Philippe slapped Rodrigo across the face with an open hand
When Father Gabriel met Rodrigo, how long had Rodrigo been staying in the church after he killed his brother? six months
Why did the other priest thing Rodrigo wanted to die? Guilt from killing his brother
Which character in this movie kept saying, "We are members of an order." and, "follow my orders."? Father Gabriel
At the hearing with the Cardinal, who called Don Cabasa a liar? Rodrigo
What was Rodrigo ordered to do because he called Don Cabasa a liar? Apologize
Why do the Guaranine couples kill any children they have after the first two? Because each of them can only carry one child when they run from slave traders.
Why did the Cardinal say that he had to "cut off" the Missions? To save the Jesuit order in Europe
When was the Cardinal ordered to "cut off" the Missions? Before he came to South America
Who did the Cardinal tell that to leave the mission because it was the will of God? Guaranine King
Who did Rodrigo ask for a blessing before the battle between the Guaranine and the Spanish began? Father Gabriel
Does Father Gabriel give him a blessing? No
Which characters in the movie appear to have a conflict between what they are ordered to do and what they want to do? Rodrigo, Father Gabriel, The Cardinal
What is on the last page of the worksheets that you must know for the test? quotes from the movie
Who do you think helped the Guaranine more? Rodrigo ... Explain why Father Gabriel... Explain why
Created by: ColbyHistory
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