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Unit 10

Manifest Destiny

define manifest destiny: white settlers desire to settle the west of North America
An example of Manifest Destiny is: Movement from New Jersey to Oregon
What river is the boundary between Mexico and the United States? Rio Grande
What word best describes manifest destiny? westward expansion
Who were the first Americans to settle the west? Missionaries
Where did missionaries settle? Willamette Valley
what place is in the Oregon Territory? Willamette Valley
Who was the founder of Mormonism? Joseph Smith
What state is most associated with the Mormon religion today? Utah
What physical geographical feature gave Mormons protection? The Rocky Mountains
What year was gold discovered in the west? 1849
What state was gold discovered in? California
What river did the Oregon Trail follow? Missouri River
What AREA of America did the Santa Fe Trail lead to? The Southwest
Why did people move west? cheap land, lots of water
Define Pioneer: someone who does something for the first time
What was the primary food source for native people? buffalo
Why did white hunters kill buffalos? for their tongues
Mormons belong to the : Church of Latter Day Saints
Today most buffalo live in the: Yellowstone National Park
Approximately how many wild buffalo are left in the United States? 4 thousand
Define annexation addition
What state was annexed in 1845? Texas
Define Polygamy: a man can marry more than one woman
Where did the Mormon Trail lead too? Salt Lake City, Utah
What mountain range did all of the pioneers have to cross in going west? Rocky
If coming from New Jersey, what mountain range did pioneers have to cross first? Appalachian
What physical feature did all of the trails have to follow leading west? water
Where did settlers leave from in order to head west? Independence, Missouri
Make sure you know the map of Manifest Destiny!
Created by: rsweeney
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