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G2 WH Civ & Empires

What was the primary source of labor in ancient Egypt? peasant farmers and unskilled laborers
What was the largest Egyptian social class? peasant farmers and unskilled laborers
What does the word polytheistic mean? belief in many gods
What pharaoh made a peace treaty with the Hittites and was known as a great builder? Ramses II
The Egyptians considered their kings to be what? gods
How did the egyptians preseve dead bodies? Mummification
Egypt developed along the banks of what great river? Nile
What is a theocracy? Government ruled by a divine figure
What was the eternal resting place of the pharaoh called? Pyramid
What was the location of lower Egypt Northern Egypt
Which Egyptian pharaoh was more concerned with trade than waging war? Hatshepsut
What did Egyptian kings eventually become know as? Pharaoh
What does monotheistic mean? Belief in one god
What did King Cyrus the Great allow the Hebrews to rebuild in Jerusalem? The Great Temple
Who built the Great Temple in Jerusalem? Solomon
How did the Zhou dynasty attempt to control China? by using feudalism
How did Confucius attempt to restore order in Chinese society? using his relationship theory and code of proper conduct
How did the Han dynasty attempt to strengthen China? government monopoly on salt
Along what river valley did Chinese civilization first begin? Huang He
What position was Confucius appointed to in Chinese society? Minister of Justice
What eventually became the foundation for Chinese government and social order? teachings of Confucius
What was lasting legacy of the Han dynasty China's golden age
Who was China's most influential scholar? Confucius
What did the Chinese export west for large sums of wealth? silk
Why did the Han dynasty fall? could not control warlords
What did the ancient Chinese consider their most important virtue? respect for parents and elders
What was a lasting legacy of the Qin Dynasty? Great Wall of China
Who won the Peloponnesian War? Sparta
What Greek city-state valued individuality beauty
What Greek polis created the world's first direct democracy? Athens
What weapon did the Indians army use against Alexander? Elephants
What was the greatest legacy of Alexander the Great? Conquered the Persian Empire
What legendary war did the Mycenaean Greeks fight in western Asia Minor around 1250 BC? Trojan War
What were two reforms of Solon? Outlawed debt slavery
What ancient Greek legends are credited to the blind poet Homer? Iliad and Odyssey
What Greek city-state valued duty strength
What is an acropolis? fortified hilltop where government decisions were made
Who led Persia during the second Persian War? Xerxes
Which famous Greek philosopher started the idea of finding truth through asking questions? Socrates
What is an aristocracy? rule by a small group of land owning nobels
Why were the Greeks able to defeat the Persians in the first Persian War? Phalanx
What is Hellenistic Culture? Blending of Greek
What field focuses on the development of people and their societies? Anthropology
What were the characteristics of the earliest civilizations? complex organized social order
What evidence makes scholars believe that homo erectus migrated? Remains were found in places other than Africa
What skill did people develop that made a dramatic impact on Early humans lives during the New Stone Age? Farming
What type of political units developed as the earliest civilizations grew? City-states
what important landforms did most of the earliest civilizations develop close to? Bodies of water
What invention marked the beginning of recorded history? Invention of writing
What were the world's first civilizations? on what rivers were they situated near? Sumer
What are some of the characteristics of Early modern people? Nomadic
Why is the Neolithic Revolution important? Led to the development of villages and civilization
What significant developments took place in the New Stone Age? Farming and domestication of animals
What is the long period before the use of writing called? prehistory
What are some materials studied by Archaeologists? Artifacts such as remains
What term refers to people using skills and tools to meet their basic needs? Technology



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