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Road to Revolution

The Road to the American Revolution

Why were the colonists unhappy? Parliment (the Brittish government) passed laws making the colonists pay taxes, and the colonists didn't get a say in the government.
What was the Sugar Act? Tax was added to sugar and other goods coming into the U.S. from England.
What was the Stamp Act? Tax was added to anything made of paper, (newspaper, documents, licenses, and playing cards) to know that the tax was payed, a stamp had to be placed on the item.
What was the phrase that colonists shouted after the Stamp Act when they refused to pay the taxes? “No taxation without representation!”
What does treason mean? Working or ploting against the government.
What is a boycott? Refusing to buy something.
What is quartering? When you are required by law to have soldiers live in your house.
When was the Bosten Massacre? March 5th, 1770.
What was the Bosten Massacre? 5 Brittish soldiers shot at a croud of angry colonists who threw stuff at the soldiers.
What were three names the colonists called the Brittish soldiers? Lobster back, red coat, and bloody back.
How many colonists were killed during the Bosten Massacre? Five.
What was incorrect about the name; “Bosten Massacre”? It wasn't a massacre because only five people died.
What caused the Bosten Tea Party? The Brittish gave a monopoly of tea to the East India Trading Company, and then the Brittish taxed it.
What was the Bosten Tea Party? Some colonists dressed up as Mohawk Indians and dumped crates of tea of ships into the harbor.
What were the intoleratable acts? Acts/Laws of the Brittish that the colonists believed were unacceptable.
What was the first intoleratable act? The Bosten Port Bill.
What is a monopoly? When only one company owns a certain product.
What was the second intoleratable act? The Massachusetts Government Act.
What was the third and final intoleratable act? The Quartering Act.
What was The Bosten Port Bill? The Brittish closed down the Bosten Harbor until the colonists payed for the dumped tea.
Who were the “Sons of Liberty”? A group of colonists who worked to get freedom from the English government.
How did the Brittish ensure The Bosten Port Bill was obeyed? They sent war ships to make sure no ships could come or go.
What was The Massachusetts Government Act? The Brittish would no longer allow the local government to make laws.
What was The Quartering Act? Colonists were forced to house and feed Brittish soldiers, it als banned all meetings or gathering unless it was aproved and attended by a British soldier.
What was The First Continental Congress? When representitives from the colonies gathered to talk about the Brittish threat.
What was The First Continental Congress's petition? Life, liberty, property.
What did The First Continental Congress believe? The colonists had a right to make their own tax laws and that the colonists had a right to privacy.
What was the colonists's army called, and why were they called this? The Minute Men, and they were called this because they could be ready to defend Bosten in one minute.
Why did the Brittish send soldiers to Lexington/Concord? They heard colonists were storing weapons in Lexington/Concord.
Who warned the Minute Men that the Brittish were coming? Paul Revere.
What was the battle called when the Minute Men and Brittish soldiers found each other and started the American Revolutionary War? The Shot Heard 'Round the World.
Created by: Samuel S.
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