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Recent u.s. history

"silent majority" phrase popularized by Pres. Nixon referring to Americans who did not protest the Vietnam War or support the counterculture
26th Amendment 18 year olds received the right to vote
Watergate Scandal Pres. Nixon forced to resign; this increased public distrust in government
Watergate Scandal people working for Nixon were caught breaking into Democratic headquarters; Nixon tried to cover up his involvement
Iranian Hostage Crisis when American ally the Shah of Iran was overthrown; Muslim fundamentalists stormed the U.S. embassy and took American hostages
Iranian Hostage Crisis President Carter vs Khomeini (Iranian religious dictator)
NOW National Organization of Women 60's and 70's
NOW feminist organization that demanded equality of the sexes; feminists who participated in the women's liberation movement of the 60's and 70's
Roe v. Wade the Supreme Court case that legalized ABORTION
Love Canal community that suffered health problems due to contamination from toxic chemicals and waste; many families had to be displaced or moved to another area to live
Mikhail Gorbachev Soviet leader who allowed DEMOCRATIC elections; reforms to the economy (perestroika), and a policy of openness (glasnost) that allowed criticism of the government
Persian Gulf War when Iraq conquered oil-rich Kuwait
Persian Gulf War Saddam Hussein = leader of Iraq during Persian Gulf War George H.W. Bush = president of U.S.
Persian Gulf War Pres. George Bush sent an army to Saudi Arabia
Persian Gulf War Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf evicted the Iraqi army from Kuwait
"Read my lips, no new taxes" Pres. George H.W. Bush hurt his chances for reelection b breaking this promise. He probably had to issue taxes to pay for Persian Gulf War
Newt Gingrich (Speaker of the House) wrote Contract with America
Contract with America document issued by the Republican Party that promised conservative policies like lower taxes and less government
Telecommunications Act of 1996 Clinton signed a law that promoted competition and less regulation to lower prices and improve quality in telecommunications (including the internet)
Telecommunications Act of 1996 encouraged internet access for rural areas
Lewinsky Affair Clinton was impeached but not removed from office of presidency
Lewinsky Affair Pres Clinton lied UNDER OATH (perjury) about an affair with a White House intern
Election of 2000 George W. Bush defeated Gore after the vote in Florida was contested
9/11 Muslim terrorists from AL QAEDA crashed passenger planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon
Al Qaeda Muslim terrorists led by Bin Laden
Afghanistan Pres . George W. Bush forces to overthrow the Islamic Taliban government because it had given refuge to Al Qaeda
Operation Iraqi Freedom Pres. George W. Bush invaded Iraq to overthrow HUSSEIN after claiming that he had weapons of mass destruction
alternative energy the solution to our oil dependency could be WIND , SOLAR, and NUCLEAR POWER
Created by: SarahDishman