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Vietnam War 1955-197

domino theory the belief that if we let South Vietnam fall to communism, then it would spread further
domino theory the U.S. was opposed to the expansion of a Soviet-backed government = Communism
Gulf of Tonkin Incident supposed attack that caused Pres. Johnson to put U.S. military forces into combat in Vietnam
Gulf of Tonkin Incident resulted in escalation of the WAR in VIETNAM
Viet Cong South Vietnam communists who were trying to overthrow the government
Tet Offensive Surprise communist offensive against South Vietnam cities and bases that caused the American public to turn against the war
Vietnamization Pres. Nixon's policy of turning the fighting over to the South Vietnamese army
SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) radical anti-war students who sometimes used terrorism (bombings) to protest war
Kent State University National Guardsmen opened fire on student protestors (may 1970)
Jackson State University National Guardsmen / police opened fire on African-American students (1970)
Created by: SarahDishman