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WWII in Eur/Pacific

WWII in Europe

The Allies U. S. (FDR) ; England (Churchill) Russia (Stalin)
FDRs Four Freedoms Want, Fear, Speech, Religion
Lend-Lease Act moved the U.S. away from ISOLATION and NEUTRALITY by providing England and Russia with war supplies
D-Day the invasion of NORMANDY in France led by Gen. Eisenhower
Gen. Eisenhower Operation Overlord= turned the tide against Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany - shores of Normandy, France and helped end WWII
OPA - Office of Price Administration established a rationing system using COUPONS to preserve food for the military and reduce hoarding
withholding tax the government insisted on taxes being withheld from paychecks = to collect the increased income taxes
Rosie the Riveter symbol of women getting jobs in factories because men were not available = "We Can Do It" = men were away at war
Women's Army Corps (WACs) women in the army
The Nisei 1941 Japanese-Americans already in training at start of the war had been placed in internment camps because of suspicions of disloyalty (Europe WWI)
FDR's Executive Order #8802 ended discrimination in employment of workers in defense industries and in Government because of race, creed, or national origin (1941)
Korematsu Case the Supreme Court allowed the interment to protect US against espionage
The Chinese Exclusion Act 1882 = to prevent a specific ethnic group from immigrating into the US = repealed in 1943
Pearl Harbor the surprise Japanese attack on the Pacific Fleet caused US to declare war (WWII)
Midway the turning point in the Pacific (WWII) when a U.S. fleet sank FOUR Japanese aircraft carriers
Island Hopping U.S. plan of capturing key islands on the way to Japan the last two were Iwo Jima and Okinawa
Manhattan Project secret development of the ATOMIC BOMB; the first was ordered to be dropped on HIROSHIMA by Truman
Manhattan Project lead to Cold War
Yalta Conference The BIG THREE met to discuss post-war Europe; agreed to FREE ELECTIONS in Eastern Europe and the division of Germany
Yalta Conference Stalin restated his commitment to going to war with Japan
Potsdam Conference Truman, Churchill and Stalin agreed to divide Germany into occupation zones
Potsdam Conference Japan was warned that ONLY unconditional surrender would prevent destruction
Double V campaign African-Americans were serving bravely in WWII = they deserved RACIAL EQUALITY = FDRs Executive Order 8802
FDRs Executive Order 8802 ended discrimination in defense industry hiring
Zoot Suit Riots sailors and soldiers attacked Latino teenagers wearing "victory suits" in California
Navajo Code Talkers Navajo Indians who used their language as a SECRET CODE
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