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1970's to 1990's

Mrs. Brown's 1970's to 1990's

Organization created to regulate international trade and settle trade disputes GATT, later WTO
Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide in the Balkans was stopped Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Cosovo
Agreement between Canada, the US, and Mexico to phase out tariffs between the countries. Important policy under Clinton NAFTA
When a president is removed from office Impeachment
Clinton and Lewinsky had an affair and lied about it, leading him to go up for impeachment Sex Scandal
He was the most successful 3rd party candidate ever Ross Perot
President from 1993-2001 Bill Clinton
Bush sent troops to stop starvation and genocide Somalia
Sent troops into Iraq to get Saddam Hussein to stop trying to take over the middle east Persian Gulf War
1989 -1990 saw the end of the Cold War that started in 1946. The Berlin Wall is torn down End of Cold War
People with disabilities had to be given jobs and all public places had to have wheelchair access. ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act
African American affected by the recession began to act out Civil Unrest
Where old factories were closed down and people left to look for work Rust Belt
People move to the south looking for work Sun Belt
President from 1989 - 1993 George H.W. Bush
Gorbachev gave Soviet's more freedoms Glastnost
Gorbachev tries to convert Russia to a capitalist economy Perestroika
Appointed leader of Russia, ended Cold War policies Mikhail Gorbachev
Main person responsible for the Iran-Contra Affair Oliver North
US secretly sold weapons to Iran to get hostages released and gave the profits to Nicaraguan Contras fighting Communism Iran-Contra Affair
Fighting anyone engaging in Terrorism War on Terror
Strategic Defense Initiative, using lasers to shoot down missiles to prevent a nuclear attack Star Wars
Increase military spending and research to show America's enemies that it would act to stop aggression. Peace through Strength
1st woman appointed to the Supreme Court Sandra Day O'Conner
Legalized "illegal" aliens who had been living in the US since 1981 (the past 5 years) Mazzoli-Stimpson Act 1986
Wanted to reduce Stagflation by cutting taxes and decreasing business regulations (aka. Supply-side Economics) Reaganomics
President from 1981-1989, wanted to decrease government and renewed Conservitivism Ronald Reagan
Iranians swarmed the American Embassy in Tehran, Iran. They took 42 American hostages and held them for over a year. Carter attempted to rescue them but could not. Iran Hostage Crisis
Egypt and Israel met with President Carter and signed a treaty that ended 30 years of war Camp David Accords
Returned control of the Canal to Panama in 2000. US had controlled it for over a hundred years. Panama Canal Treaty
Required banks to make loans available to low income, minority communities Community Reinvestment Act
Nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania that exploded causing harm to people and the environment. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission was formed to set rules on use of Nuclear energy Three-Mile Island
US was dependent on Foreign oil. OPEC's prices caused an energy crisis and oil shortage. Energy Crisis
President from 1977-1981, wanted to clean up Washington, cut taxes and end the energy crisis Jimmy Carter
NATO signs with Warsaw Pact - The countries agree to recognize Post WWII borders and promote human rights Helsinki Accords
The government stops trading/buying oil from OPEC countries to bring down oil prices Oil Embargo
All of the major oil producing countries join up and establish policies and set oil prices, causing price of oil and gas to rise. OPEC - Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
Economy Crisis: combines inflation with high unemployment Stagflation
Ford pardon's Nixon of any crimes he may or may not have committed. Nixon Pardon
President 1974 - 1977, the un-elected president Gerald Ford
Created by: Tiabrown2


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