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The Civil War

The Reconstruction

What battle was the turning point of the Civil War ? Gettysburg
What is sharecropping? Sharing the crop land
What is secession? The act of formally withdrawing from the Union.
What was the decison of the Dred Scott case? Did it help or the abolitionist movement? Slaves can go anywhere and still be slaves and it hurt the movement.
Who was the president of the Confederacy? Jefferson Davis
What was the Sherman's March to the sea and what major city was destoryed? March from tennesse to the Atlantic Ocean and Atlanta was destoryed.
Who was the Union General at the end of the war? William Tecumseh Sherman
Who assassinated Abe Lincoln? John Wilkes Booth
What were some advantages the North had ? Much larger population More soilders Nations Factories and More Shipyard
What were some advantages the South had? More skilled officers just need to defend itself until the north got tired
13th Amendment It made slavery illegel throughout the United States
14th Amendment It denfined all people born or natualized within the United states except American Indians, as U.S citizen It guaranteed to citizens the equal protection of the laws
15th Amendment Gave African Americans the right to vote
Things the south did to restrict voting rights for blacks Poll taxes Literarty Tests Violence Grandfather Clauses
14th Amendment ... It banned many former Confederate officials from holding state or federal offices it made state laws subject to review by federal courts It gave Congress the power to pass any laws needed to enforce any part of the amendment
14 Amendment ...... States could not deprive any person of life,liberty or porperty, with due process of law
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