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Mr. Segool's 4th grade StudyStack covering the Reconstruction, spring 2018.

What did Jim Crow laws in the South help to create? Jim Crow laws helped to create a segregated (separated) school system, segregating races.
What was the main idea of the Thirteenth Amendment? The Thirteenth Amendment banned slavery in the USA.
What was the main idea of the Fourteenth Amendment? The Fourteenth Amendment granted citizenship to all former US slaves.
What was the main idea of the Fifteenth Amendment? The Fifteenth Amendment enfranchised (gave the right to vote) to African-American men who had been slaves.
What was a main goal of Jim Crow laws during Reconstruction? Jim Crow laws prevented African-Americans from exercising their legal, civil rights.
Why did sharecropping develop during Reconstruction? Sharecropping developed because former slaves seldom had the money to buy their own land and farms.
This agency was founded by the US government to provide medical care, education, and housing to former slaves. The Freedmen's Bureau
This kind of tax was used to prevent African-Americans from voting. Poll taxes were used to prevent African-Americans and the poor from voting. (A poll is a voting place.)
What other means were used to prevent African-Americans from voting? Besides poll taxes, threats and violence and the requirement of reading tests prevented African-Americans and other poor citizens from voting.
Why did Southerners build more factories after the Civil War? Many Southern farms were destroyed by the war. Factories provided jobs and goods.
How did sharecropping work? Large landowners allowed farmers to use portions of their land to raise crops. The farmers would pay with a portion of their crops.
During the time of Reconstruction, what was the Ku Klux Klan? What did it do? The Ku Klux Klan was a hate group formed in Southern states after the Civil War. They used fear and violence to intimidate African-Americans and other groups they disliked.
What made it difficult for the Freedmen's Bureau to successfully complete its mission? The belief in states' rights made states not want to participate in this federal program. The Ku Klux Klan worked against programs like the Freedmen's Bureau. The president and congress fought often about the Freedmen's Bureau.
Created by: briansegool