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T notes SS 10.3

Study for the Social Studies quiz

1) How did the murders of the Gracchus’ brothers affect Roman politics? Roman government officials wrongly learned that violence could be used as a political weapon against opponents.
2) What may have happened differently if the Gaul’s attack on Rome failed? Other neighboring countries would not have attacked Rome.
3) Why were the Gracchus brothers killed? They angered the wealthy Romans who made profits by taking land from the poor Romans.
4) Why did the Roman trade market grow? The Roman government built a network of roadways that allowed traders and merchants to expand into the newly-conquered lands.
5) Who was Hannibal and what attack did he lead? A famous general who led an attack on Rome in 218 BC during the Punic Wars.
6) What was the best reason Rome’s army was so successful during the 300s BC? The Roman legion (army) was a flexible fighting force due to its strong MILITARY TRAINING and ORGANIZATION.
7) Why did nearby countries declare war on Rome? Foreign countries were threatened by Rome’s increasing military might.
8) Who was Spartacus? An ancient gladiator who led a revolt of 1,000 slaves against the Roman government.
9) What city/kingdom did Rome fight against in the Punic Wars? On which continent was it located? The “sea-people” of Phoenicia who had settled a colony located at Carthage in North Africa.
10) List some ideas Rome adopted after they conquered this country? Roman culture adopted the successful Greek ideas about literature and the arts, science and architectural engineering
11) What did the Gracchus brothers do for the poor Romans? The Gracchus’ sold food cheaply to them and gave them land to create farms on land originally owned by the Roman government.
Short answer: What were some major reasons for the growth of Roman territory in the 300s BC? Roman soldiers were well trained and defeated many of the city’s enemies. They built a network of roadways that allowed traders and merchants to expand into the new lands. Rome’s influence grew throughout the Mediterranean region.
Created by: ldillon