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Unit 8

The Progressive Era

Problems of the Gilded Age poverty, dangerous working conditions, government corruption, monopolies, low wages.
Social Gospel Movement Taught that to honor God, people must help others and reform society.
Jane Addams Created the Hull House in Chicago.
Florence Kelley Social reformer, fought to create child labor laws and laws limiting women to a 10 hour work day.
Francis Willard & Carrie Nation Led the Women's Christian Temperance Union.
WTCU Fought for prohibition laws.
Muckrakers Writers who expose wrong doing.
Jacob Riis Wrote "How the Other Half Lives"
Upton Sinclair Wrote "The Jungle"
Ida Tarbell Wrote "The History of Standard Oil"
Margret Sanger Promoted birth control for poor and middle class women and opened the first birth control clinic in America.
Elizabeth Stanton & Susan B. Anthony Formed the National American Women Suffrage Association.
Susan B. anthony Leader of the woman suffrage movement, who helped define the movement's goals and beliefs and to lead its actions.
WEB Dubois Called for immediate civil rights and promotion of the "Talented Tenth".
Booker T. Washington Founded Tuskegee Institute.
NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, founded in 1909 to work for racial equality.
Marcus Garvey Believed that whites and blacks could not coexist in America.
initiative A way for people to propose laws directly.
referendum A way for people to approve changes in laws by a vote.
recall A vote on whether to remove a public official from office.
Bob LaFollette Progressive Wisconsin governor and senator.
Theodore Roosevelt President from 1901 to 1909.
"Square Deal" President Roosevelt's program of progressive reforms.
Trustbusting Regulating big business and breaking up monopolies.
Interstate Commerce Commision Regulates railroads.
Sherman Antitrust Act Regulates companies that restrict trade.
conservation The planned management of natural resources.
Meat Inspection Act Law reforming meatpacking conditions.
Pure Food & Drug Act Law to stop the sale of unclean food and drugs.
William Howard Taft Ran for president on the republican ticket in 1912.
Election of 1912 Was a three way race.
"Bull Moose" Party Nickname for the new Progressive Party, which was formed to support Roosevelt in the election of 1912.
Woodrow Wilson Winner of the 1912 presidential election.
Clayton Antitrust Act Law that weakened monopolies and upheld the rights of unions and farm organizations.
Federal Reserve National banking system begun in 1913.
16th Amendment Created first national income tax.
17th Amendment Amendment providing for senators to be elected directly.
18th Amendment outlawed alcohol.
19th Amendment Amendment to the Constitution giving women the right to vote.
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