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Early Cold War

Mrs. Brown's Early Cold War

A conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union with no direct fighting, lasted from 1947 to 1991. Cold War
Provided military aid to Turkey and Greece to help fight Communism. Truman Doctrine
Provided aid to war torn countries in Europe. Marshall Plan
The policy to keep Communism from Spreading Containment
House of Un-American Activities - investigated organizations thought to be hiding or supporting Communists. HUAC
Based on the fear of Communists infiltrating the U.S. 2nd Red Scare
Form of government where everything is common to all people. The government owns everything and the individual has no right to anything. Communism
Senator who claimed to have a list of Communists working in the Government - Never produced proof. Joseph McCarthy
The name given to people that accuse others of being Communist with no actual proof. McCarthyism
An imaginary line across Europe separating Communist East from Democratic West. Iron Curtain
North Atlantic Treaty Organization - Based on the concept of COLLECTIVE SECURITY each member pledged to defend every other member if attacked. NATO
The Soviet Union created this in response to NATO. Warsaw Pact
US, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union met to discuss post war world - The United Nations, Occupying Germany, and the fate of Poland Yalta Conference
The Soviet Union blockaded Western Berlin, Allies responded by using planes to fly in and drop supplies. Berlin Airlift
The Soviets built this wall to separate Communist East Berlin and Free West Berlin - meant to keep Communists in. Berlin Wall
A race to be the first to put a man on the moon. NASA was started and math and science became an important part of school curriculum. Space Race
Trying to build bigger, better weapons faster than your enemy. Arms Race
The first artificial satellite launched into space by the Soviet Union. Sputnik
The name given to Communist China. "Red China"
A government employee accused of spying and found guilty of perjury. Alger Hiss
A husband and wife who were charged with selling secrets about the Atomic Bombs to Russia, tried and executed with little proof at the time. The Rosenberg Trials
Released in 1997 proved that the Rosenberg's were in fact guilty. Venona Papers
After World War II soldiers came home from the war the number of birthrates were the largest in history. Baby Boom
1st time many people owned their own homes Housing Boom
Neighborhoods outside of cities where all the houses looked the same. Suburbs
New Appliance that connected all Americans Television
A general during WWII, who became president during the 1950’s when the U.S. was prosperous once again. Dwight Eisenhower
AKA The Servicemen Readjustment Act - gave soldiers money for education, housing, and job training. G.I Bill
The government created and maintained new highways across the nation, leading to a rise in franchises such as Motels, fast food restaurants, and gas stations. Interstate Highway Act
Young writers who rejected social conformity. Beatniks
New style of music - Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard were pioneers. Rock and Roll
The last meeting of Truman, Churchill and Stalin when tensions began to arise between Democracy and Communism. Potsdam Conference
Boundary line between North Korea and South Korea that still has a DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) 38th Parallel
Fought between 1950-1953, Communist North Korea invades US backed South Korea. Korean War
Lead the U.S, forces in aiding South Korea against North Korea. Fired by Truman for wanting to invade China. Douglas MacArthur
The capital of Germany that was divided into 4 zones occupied by the U.S, Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union Berlin
One of the country’s earliest suburbs in New York with “cookie-cutter” houses (mass produced houses that look alike). Levittown
When people are very similar to each other, seen especially in the 1950’s Social Conformity
Brutal labor camps in the Soviet Union where people who were against Stalin were sent to work to death. Gulag
Things that are very popular during a certain time period. Pop Culture
Leader of the FBI who sent agents to investigate and arrest suspected groups of Communists. J. Edgar Hoover
Professional jobs such as Clerical, sales and advertisement, and management White collar
The differences in opinions, values, fashion, music styles, etc. between younger people and older people. Generation Gap
Labor Jobs such as mechanic, millwright, and construction. Blue Collar
A list of Actors, writers, and directors who were said to be Communist and could not be hired. Hollywood Blacklist
The idea that if one country fell to Communism, all of the others around them would fall too. The Domino Theory
Invented the Polio vaccine. Jonas Salk
The Motto of the United States changed from “E Pluribus Unum” to this to signify we had religious freedom. "In God We Trust"
Communist leader who overthrew the nationalist government in China Mao Zedong
An international organization formed after WWII to promote international peace, security, and cooperation. United Nations
Discouraging an action/event through instilling fear or doubt of the consequences. The U.S. used this as a national defense strategy during the Cold War, both countries were stockpiling nuclear weapons. Deterrence
Theory by John Foster Dulles that the Soviet Union would back down because of American nuclear superiority.about the Atomic Bombs to Russia, tried and executed with little proof at the time. Brinkmanship
Mutually Assured Destruction. MAD
Created by: Tiabrown2



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