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Progressivism the reform movement from 1900-1920 that tried to improve American life by ending injustices and increasing democracy
Muckrakers journalists who exposed corruption in business and politics and encouraged reforms
Ida Tarbell 4muckraker who exposed Rockefeller and the Standard Oil Company
19th Amendment = WOMEN's SUFFRAGE right to vote for all U.S. citizens no matter of sex ; it took a while for the political parties to get used to women voting and at first women were not welcomed
wq women's suffrage Susan B. Anthony = most famous
trust buster Teddy Roosevelt was called this because he enforced the Sherman Anti-Trust Act
The Jungle Sinclair's muckraking book about the meat-packing industry Lead to Meat Inspection Act
Pure Food and Drug Act required Content Labels
conservation TR began the conservation movement to preserve our natural resources
Teddy Roosevelt national parks and wildlife sanctuaries were created = conservation movement
Roosevelt Corollary TR pledged American military force to maintain order in LATIN AMERICA
Roosevelt Corollary United States could intervene if a nation had trouble paying its debts
Dollar Diplomacy President Taft's policy of using foreign investment to influence LATIN AMERICAN politics
Missionary Diplomacy AKA Moral Diplomacy President Wilson's policy of using U.S. power to encourage democracy and moral progress ;0 ident Wilson's policy of using U.S. power to encourage democracy and moral
banana republics Latin American dictatorships that Presidents supported and intervened in
Federal Reserve National BANKING system created by President Wilson where paper money was issued, gives loans to banks and this INFLUENCES the economy
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