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What are two other names for the Ramban? Rav Moshe Ben Nachman and Nachmanidies
Where did Ramban live for most of his life? In Barcelona
For what years did the Ramban on live? 1194 to 1270
What was Ramban's job in Barcelona? He was a rabbi
What part of Spain was Barcelona? Christian Spain
What were some of Ramban's areas of scholarship? He was a physician, linguist, one of the leading commentators of the gemara, master of Kabbalah, commentator on tanach, and recognized as the Halacha authority in Spanish Jewery
What is the Ramban famous for? His just opinions, firm beliefs, and his gentle and peaceful nature
What was Ramban's view towards the Rambam? He agreed with a those who opposed the rambam, but he didn't like their methods. He felt that cherem was ridiculous. He said don't ban his books, but don't study philosophy
What was Ramban's view towards the Rif? He was a major supporter
What did the Ramban do for the Rif? Ramban finished the Rif's sefer on halacha.
What is Sefer HaZechut? Ravad III also wrote criticism on the Rif, so the Ramban would respond to these critscims in the form of this book
What is Milchamot Hashem? A sefer written by the Ramban defending the Rif on any criticisms, by any people
What is Ramban's commentary on gemara called? Chidushei HaRamban
What is Sefer HaMitzvot? What was it about? What the Ramban wrote to disagree with Ramban's Sefer HaMitzvot. They disagreed on how many mitzvot there were and what was a Mitzvah and what wasn't it
What is Ramban's perush on the Torah called? Why was it originally written? What is special about it? Perush HaRamban Al HaTorah. It was originally written so that people can learn the weekly Parsha. It merges the Sephardic and Ashkenazic styles of commentary
What is Ramban's perush on the Torah about? He brought in ideas of Kabbalah. Ramban focused on Kabbalah philosophy, but he knew that Kabbalah wasn't for everyone
What does Ramban write in his commentary on the Torah if he is about to say something Kabbalistic? 1) Divrei Sod- Words of Secret 2) Divrei Emet- Words of Truth 3) Hameivin Yavin- Those who understand, understand
What is the Igeret HaRamban? And what is it about? It is a letter that Ramban wrote to his son. It is about being a good Jew and a good person. He said if you read this once a week, that day you will be blessed
Did Ramban write other Halachic works? Yes
Who was Pablo Christiani? Where did he live? And what was his goal? He was an apostate or someone who is a Jew and converts to Christianity. He lived in Aragon, Spain. His goal was to prove he was a true convert by doing something horrible that will convert other Jews
What does Pablo christiani do to try to achieve his goal? He says he wants to debate a great Rabbi publicly and prove that Christianity is correct. He convinces it King James the first of Aragon to conduct this debate
Who does Pablo christiani call to debate? Where and when? Ramban is called to this great debate in 1263 in Barcelona
Does the Ramban accept Pablo christiani's debate proposal right away? What are his conditions? Ramban says that before he goes to debate he must have certain conditions. His condition is that he gets freedom of speech without being punished at the debate
Does the king agree to Robin's conditions? How long is the debate? Yes. The debate is 4 days long
What happens at the debate? Who wins? At the debate Ramban totally destroys Pablo's arguments. However, Pablo still wins because King James the first declared him winner. King James actually stops the debate in the middle
What does King James say about the rumbon after the debate? What does he do about that? King James says "I have never seen a man defend a wrong cause so well". King James says he wants to prove Judaism wrong himself so he goes into a synagogue on Shabbat and tries to disagree with everything Ramban said
What does Ramban do about King James? He knows he can prove King James wrong but realizes it is no use. It is also not worth the effort and he could get in trouble
What is the name of the book that Ramban wrote saying what happened at the debate? Sefer HaVikuach
What happens when Ramban starts publishing Sefer Havikuach? What does the church do? When he starts publishing his book, The Church sees the book and decides to do something against it. They decide to burn the books and to take one unburned book.
What does the church do with the one unburned book? What happens with Ramban? They bring the one unburned book from Barcelona to Aragon. In Aragon there was an Inquisition. There they see if the book is against Christianity. The book is accused of heresy against Christianity. Ramban is kicked out of Aragon
When does Ramban leave Aragon and where to? Does his family come to? In 1267 Ramban is kicked out of Aragon to leave to Israel. His family either stayed behind or went with him. Ramban always wanted to live in Israel
What two things does Ramban do once he gets to Jerusalem? 1) he writes a letter to his son about how much he loves it in Israel 2) he builds a house and turns it into a synagogue
Where does Ramban move after Jerusalem? He moves to Acre because of the Yeshiva and community. The community and Yeshiva were initially built by Rav Yechial MiParis who is expelled from his town
Where does Ramban die/where is he buried? Acre
What did Jews of Ramban's time learn instead of philosophy? Kabalah
What is another reason that Jews at the time started learning Kabbalah? During the reconquista slife was harder for the Jews in Spain, so they turned to Kabbalah for comfort. Kabbalah gave them the feeling of mystical power and the feeling that Mashiach is coming which gave them hope.
What happened to the Jews who were at first in Muslim Spain and then turned to Christian Spain? All the talents that the Jews had developed in Muslim Spain, are now useless and Christian Spain. Christian Spain viewed their talents as valueless
What did the Jews have to do to identify themselves as Jews? How did they feel about it? The Jews were told to wear special clothing to identify themselves as Jews in order to impress them. The Jews did not view it as a bad thing, however, they were proud to be identified as Jews.
What does a lot of Kabbalah focus on? What does this cause The end of time/ when Mashiach will come. Well this brings the Jews Comfort, it also brings them lots of false Messiahs
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