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The West

U.S. policy toward Native Americans FIRST: conquest and relocation to reservations SECOND: assimilation (teach them to be like US citizens
Battle of Little Big Horn the Plains Indians led by Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse DEFEATED Custer to try to keep the Black Hills
Battle of Little Big Horn Biggest Indian victory
Ghost Dance a dance that was supposed to return Native Americans to the GOOD OLD DAYS before whites
Ghost Dance Let to the Battle of Wounded Knee
Homestead Act gave settlers 160 free acres
Dawes Act tried to ASSIMILATE the reservation Indians to adopt White culture
cattle ranching TEXAS was the "Cattle Kingdom"
cattle ranching cowboys learned from Mexican vaqueros and the BOOM ended when barbed wire closed the open range; blizzards and overproduction closed the open range
exodusters BLACKS who moved west pulled by free land and better treatment
mining towns when gold and silver were discovered in the West; boomed then busted once the gold and silver ran out
ghost towns busted once the gold and silver ran out
transcontinental railroad linking of the Union Pacific and Central Pacific connected the East and West Railways
Union Pacific and Central Pacific railways meet here Promontory, Utah
cooperatives FARMERS pooled resources to purchase new machinery and supplies as well as to sell their produce without paying other distributors = became politically influential
Populist Party third party created by FARMERS and CITY WORKERS to bring reforms like BIMETALLISM (cheap money) which would pump money into the economy
"Cross of Gold" speech = given by William Jennings Bryan "you shall not press upon the brow this crown of thorns; you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold
Cross of Gold speech given by William Jennings Bryan to support the FARMERS and CITY WORKERS who wanted "cheaper money" through the coining of silver as well as gold (Bimetallism)
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