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Hist 106

Four Freedoms freedom of speech and expression, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear.
Good Neighbor Policy FDR policy making peace with latin America to establish trade routes
Isolationism United States reluctancy to join war but support allies powers
Neutrality Acts laws passed in 1935, 1936, 1937, and 1939 to limit U.S. involvement in future wars
Lend-Lease Act was the principal means for providing U.S. military aid to foreign nations during World War II.
Axis Powers Italy, Germany, Japan
D-Day (June 6, 1944) in World War II on which Allied forces invaded northern France by means of beach landings in Normandy.
Holocaust was a genocide during World War II in which Nazi Germany, aided by its collaborators, systematically murdered approximately 6 million European Jews
GI Bill of Rights Benefits to vets turned college into business created middle class
Bracero program brought millions of Mexican guest workers to the United States
Zoot suit riots pitted European American servicemen stationed in Southern California against Mexican American
Japanese-American internment forced about 110,000 Japanese Americans to leave their homes and live in internment camps
Korematsu v. USA concerning the constitutionality of Executive Order 9066, which ordered Japanese Americans into internment camps during World War II regardless of citizenship
Second Great Migration migration of more than 5 million African Americans from the South to the North, Midwest and West.
Double V stood for two victories for black Americans: a victory at home and a victory abroad.
V-E Day Victory of the WW2
Manhattan Project development of atomic bomb during ww2
Potsdam Conference Big 3 meeting Truman, Churchill, Stalin Final talks about readjustment
Yalta Conference Started cold war FdR,Churchill, Stalin End of WW2
Bretton Woods conference established world bank system to reduce world finial system and stop countries from delving their money. FDR
United Nations Was made in 1945 to have better system of allies FDR
Atlantic Charter which defined the Allied goals for the post war world FDR
Cold War a state of political hostility between countries characterized by threats, propaganda, and other measures short of open warfare, in particular.
Containment policy using numerous strategies to prevent the spread of communism abroad
Long Telegram Mr. X telegram saying only US can be stop Russian Communism
Truman Doctrine purpose was to counter Soviet geopolitical expansion during the Cold War
Marshall Plan Basically a new deal for Europe to get Tham back on their feet/ promote capitalism
NATO The North Atlantic Treaty Organization a group to protect against communist
NSC-68 66-page top secret National Security Council (NSC) policy paper drafted by the Department of State and Department of Defense and presented to President Harry S. Truman
Korean War 50/50 split of communist and capitalism We tried to help south but china was helping north we tried to bomb bask but Truman was like nah.
Decolonization leaving countries we colonized and taking out troops
Fair Deal an ambitious set of proposals put forward by U.S. President Harry S. Truman to Congress
Operation Dixie AFL brought unions to south and start revolution strikes
Taft-Hartley Act is a United States federal law that restricts the activities and power of labor unions.
Dixiecrats Southern Democrats who seceded from the party in 1948 in opposition to its policy of extending civil rights.
McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence
Hollywood Ten In the film, each member of the Hollywood Ten made a short speech denouncing McCarthyism and the Hollywood blacklisting
Army-McCarthy Hearings series of hearings to see is McCarthy was telling the truth or not
McCarran-Walter Act deport immigrants or naturalized citizens engaging in subversive activities.
Modern Republicanism which preserved individual freedom and the market economy yet insured that government would provide necessary assistance to workers who had lost their jobs or to the ill or aged
Sputnik was the first orbiting satellite and Russians sent it up their
Interstate Highway System was built in the modern republic deal but it was a response to cold war fears
Massive retaliation military doctrine and nuclear strategy in which a state commits itself to retaliate in much greater force in the event of an attack.
MAD Mutual Assured Destruction
LULAC League of United Latin American Citizens
Brown v. Board desegregate schools and public places
Montgomery Bus Boycott After rosa parks large black population boycott bus company
SCLC was the first major civil rights organization to originate in the South and was one of the guiding forces behind the black freedom
Southern Manifesto in opposition to racial integration of public places
Massive resistance to unite white politicians and leaders in Virginia in a campaign of new state laws and policies
Sit-ins Preformed but students to spark contrivers
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee was one of the major Civil Rights Movement organizations of the 1960s
Freedom Rides were civil rights activists who rode interstate buses into the segregated southern United States
Congress of Racial Equality an African-American civil rights organization in the United States that played a pivotal role for African Americans in the Civil Rights Movement.
March on Washington political demonstration held in Washington, D.C., in 1963 by civil rights leaders to protest racial discrimination and to show support for major civil rights legislation
Bay of Pigs Invasion invasion of Cuba to stop communist ways went really bad
Cuban Missile Crisis was a 13-day confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union concerning missile in hostile areas
Civil Rights Act 1964 which ended segregation in public places and banned employment discrimination on the basis of race,
Voting Rights Act aimed to overcome legal barriers at the state and local levels that prevented African Americans from exercising their right to vote
Great Society Program reforms and government aid to poor
War on Poverty to show that white poor people were the nations true poor receiving aid
Black Power (Brown Power/Red Power …) a movement in support of rights and political power for black people, especially prominent in the US in the 1960s and 1970s. Students for a Democratic Society
Gulf of Tonkin resolution Gave LBJ to bomb and fuck up countries without declaring war “blank Check”
Tet Offensive A series of major attacks by communist forces in the Vietnam War
Busing is the practice of assigning and transporting students to schools in such a manner as to redress prior racial segregation of schools
Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) between US and Russia to cap military power
Détente is the easing of strained relations, especially in a political situation.
MyLai Massacre We fucked up and killed and burned a bunch of civilians
Pentagon Papers All the information the presidents knew about nam that were leaked to show public
War Powers Act is a federal law intended to check the president's power to commit the United States to an armed conflict without the consent of the U.S. Congress.
Watergate A scandal were Nixon’s people try to break into democrat office to see what they were doing
Stagflation is defined as slow economic growth occurring simultaneously with high rates of inflation
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