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World War II

Mrs. Brown's World War II

Nazi Dictator of Germany Adolf Hitler
Fascist Dictator of Italy Benito Mussolini
Communist Dictator of the Soviet Union Joseph Stalin
Giving in to someones demands in hopes of avoiding war Appeasement
War between 1939 - 1945 that helped bring the world our of the Depression WWII
Germany, Italy, and Japan Axis Powers
France, Britain, Soviet Union, and later US Allied Powers
Germany and the Soviet Union agreed that Hitler would not invade the Soviet Union and they divided Poland Non-Aggression Pact
Lightning War - Hitler threw everything he had to hit hard and fast and take over as much as he can Blitzkreig
US is going to stay Neutral and not take sides in WWII Neutrality Act
Volunteer pilots sent to China to help fight Japan Flying Tigers
US would sell, lease, or lend weapons to allies or anyone important to our nation's security Lend-Lease Act
Japan bombed this Military base in Hawaii on December 7, 1941, bringing the US into WWII Pearl Harbor
Sold to finance the war War Bonds
The famous Icon for Women during WWII Rosie the Rivetor
People were asked to grow their own produce instead of buying it from the store so more could be sent to the troops Victory Gardens
People were given a certain amount of scarce goods during WWII such as meats, flour, gas, sugar, rubber, and material Rationing
War Bonds, women working in factories, Liberty Gardens, and Rationing were taking place here Home Front
Monitored propaganda so it was pro-allies and anti-axis Office of War Information
All African American group of pilots who fought in WWII Tuskegee Airmen
They used American Indian language to send messages so they couldn't be translated by the Japanese Navajo Code Talkers
This legislation forced all Japanese Americans into internment camps for the duration of the war Executive Order 9066
Court case that justified taking freedoms away during times of war Korematsu v. US
US General who led the invasion of Africa and Italy George Patton
June 6, 1944 Allied troops invade France at Normandy D-Day
The official name of D-Day invasion Operation Overlord
US General who was in charge of US troops in D-Day invasion Dwight Eisenhower
General who led the troops into France Omar Bradley
Last offensive attack Germany makes, considered a tuning point in the war. This allowed allied troops to break through German lines Battle of the Bulge
Victory in Europe Day VE Day
African American soldier who received a medal of honor Vernon Baker
Attempt to kill an entire race of people Genocide
Hitler's systematic extermination of over 6 million Jews The Holocaust
Camps where Jews were imprisoned and worked themselves to death Concentration Camps
Camps built to quickly and easily kill large numbers of Jews Extermination Camps
General who was in charge of Troops in the Pacific Douglas MacArthur
The Japanese forced their prisoners of war to undertake a 60 mile march through the Jungle, almost half of the Americans died along the way. Bataan Death March
Turning point in the war against Japan, US sunk 4 Japanese carriers and Japan could no longer go on the offensive Battle of Midway
The strategy used in - US troops would liberate one island at a time to get closer to mainland Japan Island Hopping
Robert Oppenheimer and Albert Einstein secretly worked to create the Atomic Bomb Manhattan Project
THe two Islands where the US dropped the atomic bombs hoping to get Japan to surrender Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Victory in Japan Day VJ Day
Nazi and Japanese Leaders were put on trial for "Crimes against Humanity" Nuremberg Trials
Created after WWII to replace the League of Nations - the goal was to help maintain world peace United Nations
Ended WWI - Very Harsh on Germany. Took land, military, and made Germany take blame for WWI and pay massive reparations. The Treaty of Versailles
The US put economic sanctions on Japan and stopped providing much needed oil. This was the cause of Pearl Harbor. Oil Embargo
The military leader of Japan Hideki Tojo
A political leader who has absolute power Dictator
The US brought Mexicans back into the US to provide labor in agriculture Bracero Program
This was made up of Franklin Roosevelt (US), Winston Churchill (Britain), and Joseph Stalin (Soviet Union) "Big Three"
Slogan used by minorities to show they were fighting for victory abroad (the war) and victory at home (equal rights) Double V Campaign
The surprise bombing of Tokyo that was a boost to US morale during a low point in the war. Doolittle Raid
The Women's Army Corps and Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Services during WWII WACS/WAVES
Form of government that permits no individual freedoms and controls all aspects of individual life. Totalitarianism
A government led by a dictator that forcibly suppresses opposition, controls industry, emphasizes nationalism Facism
Roosevelt emphasized the freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from fear, and freedom from want Four Freedoms
The annexation of Austria by Germany in 1938 Austrian Anschluss
Created by: Tiabrown2



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