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Great Depression

Mrs. Brown's Great Depression

FDR wanted to put new judges in the Supreme Court to pass his legislation - unconstitutional because of Checks and Balances and Seperation of powers Court Packing Scheme
WWI veterans protested in Washington demanding the bonus they were promised. Bonus Army
President can't have powers not written in the Constitution Schechter v. US
Opposed FDR's New Deal because they thought he was trying to be a dictator Liberty League
Opposed FDR's New Deal - Said old people should get more money Dr. Francis Townsend
Opposed FDR's New Deal - Ran for president saying he was going to tax rich and give each family $5000. Huey Long
Opposed FDR's New Deal - Priest who criticized FDR on the radio Father Coughlin
Liberty League, Dr. Francis Townsend, Huey Long, and Father Coughlin Opposed FDR's New Deal
Provided an unemployment insurance to people that lost jobs and gave old age people money so they could retire Social Security Act
Created jobs building Dams on the Tennessee River and it produced electricity Tennessee Valley Authority - TVA
Government insures deposits so if the bank fails, people don't loose all their money Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - FDIC
Roosevelt felt that the government should be responsible for the economy. THIS PERMANENTLY INCREASED THE SIZE AND POWER OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT The New Deal
this agency gave money to those in need Federal Emergency Relief Administration - FERA
Gave young men jobs, housing, and meals so that they could send their paychecks to their families Civilian Conservation Corps - CCC
Created jobs building roads, schools, etc Public Works Administration - PWA
Created jobs for artists, writers, and musicians Works Progress Administration - WPA
All banks were closed until they were sound enough to open Bank Holiday
Relief, Recovery, and Reform The 3 R's
A temporary fix to the Great Depression Relief
A More permanent fix to the Great Depression Recovery
This was to make sure the Great Depression never happened again Reform
1st female to serve on the President's Cabinet Francis Perkins
1st lady who said that wives had to keep their families going during the Great Depression and later advocated for women's rights Eleanor Roosevelt
FDR would speak directly to the American public on the radio Fireside Chats
President from 1933-1945, longest serving president ever. He gave Americans the New Deal Franklin D. Roosevelt
President from 1928 - 1932, did very little to help with the Great Depression Herbert Hoover
Named after the president - People lived in shacks because they had no money Hoovervilles
Construction project to make jobs also made electricity under Hoover Hoover Dam
Gave money to businesses hoping they would create jobs and money would trickle down to the people. Trickle Down Theory
Government sent half a million Mexicans back to Mexico because there were no jobs Mexican Repatriation Act
Over farming, Drought, and high winds blew away top soil and made farming the Great Plains impossible Dust Bowl
People from Oklahoma who moved to California because of the Dust Bowl Okies
Wrote the "Grapes of Wrath" about Okies moving to find jobs John Steinbeck
Took pictures of the Great Depression and Dust Bowl Dorothea Lange
Overproduction, Speculation, Buying on Margin, Bank Failure, Tariffs on International Trade, Stock Market Crash Causes of the Great Depression
Factories made too many items - couldn't sell them all Overproduction
"get rich quick" scheme, buy low, sell high - Stock Market and Real Estate Speculation
Buying stocks, but only paying 10% down (90% still owed) hoping the stocks would be worth more than owed Buying on Margin
Banks were not regulated and were playing the Stock Market. Many shut down after Stock Market crash. Bank Failure
October 29, 1929 Black Tuesday, Start of the Great Depression
US put high tariffs on outside goods, other countries did the same to US goods Tariffs on International Trade
When many people rush to the bank to take out their money Bank Runs
Hoover approved this to provide loans to banks, insurance companies, railroads, and state governments hoping it would "trickle down" Reconstruction Finance Corp
During this time FDR began many of his efforts to help with the Great Depression. 1st Hundred Days
the group of academic advisers that FDR gathered to assist him during the 1932 presidential campaign Brain Trust
Book about the Okies journey to California to find work Grapes of Wrath
the action taken to stimulate an economy, through government spending Priming the Pump
stimulated industrial production and improved competition by drafting corporate codes of conduct - ruled unconstitutional National Recovery Administration - NRA
Assisted farmers, paid them not to plant crops hoping to get prices to rise - ruled unconstitutional Agricultural Adjustment Act - AAA
Federal troops used tear gas and fire to destroy the makeshift camp of the Bonus Army. Battle of Anacostia Flats
Nickname given to FDR's attempts to fix the Great Depression "Alphabet Soup"
Name given to homeless people Hobos
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