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8 Hist Ch BJU AR

A leading black abolitionist who escaped from slavery who was a talented speaker and lectured against slavery in the North and Great Britain? Fredrick Douglass
Act of Congress that introduced popular Sovereignty. Kansas-Nebraska Act
An act whereby a state withdraws itself from the union. Seccession
Associated with the Underground railroad. Once a slave herself. Became a conductor. Harriet Tubman
Commanding Officer who was responsible for the capture of of the man at Harpers Ferry. Robert E. Lee
Did not believe states had the right to secede but did nothing to prevent their doing so. President Buchanan
Did the Bible condone slavery. No
Elected to be the first president of the Cofederate States of America Jefferson Davis
Former slave; lectured against slavery in Great Britain and the North. Fredrick Douglass
How long was the term for a President in the Confederate States? 1 term that was 6 years
Radical Abolitionist who believed in using violence in his cause; tried to spark a slave rebellion by capturing a federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry. John Brown
Ran for president in 1860 as a Constitutional Unionist. John Bell
Ran for president in 1860 as a Northern Democrat. Stephen Douglas
Ran for president in 1860 as a Republican. Abraham Lincoln
Ran for president in 1860 as a Southern Democrat. John C. Breckinridge
Slave states that divided the Northern states from the states of the Deep South. Border States
Slave who sued for his freedom in what became a famous Supreme Court Case. Dred Scott
Someone who opposes slavery and wanted to put an end to it completely was known as a ... Abolitionist
The radical Southerners who advocated immediate secession if the Republicans won the election of 1860. Fire-Eaters
The slaves' worst experience was crossing the Atlantic to America and it was called... The Middle Passage
What did the Northerners base their views on and what did it say? Article VI of the Constitution: That the Constitution is the supreme law of the land under God.
What did the quality of slave life in the South depend on? Their master
What did the Southerners base their views on and what did it say? Amendment X of the Constitution: That powers not delegated to the U.S. from the constitution nor prohibited by the States are reserved for the States and or the people.
What does Antebellum mean? Before the war
What is an abolitionist? Someone who wants to abolish slavery.
What party was the President and Vice President of the Confederate States of America. Moderates
What single issue united the various groups that formed the Republican Party. Antislavery
What state broke off from another state and joined the Union. West Virginia from Virginia
What was an overseer? Someone who distributed the work among the slaves and ensured that they did it as expected.
What was the gang system? A group of slaves that worked from sun up to sundown or a set amount of time.
What was the name of the ship that carried supplies to Fort Sumter? The Star of the West
What was the nickname of Kansas as a result of slavery there? Bleeding Kansas
What was the North's biggest advantage? Their tremendous industrial capacity
What was the significance of the Dred Scott decision? Protected slavery in the territories. No citizenship to Blacks. It voided the Missouri compromise.
What was the South's 5 biggest advantages? 1.Simple goal. Set up and defend a and independent nation. 2.Southerners would be defending their own homes. 3.Thought they would get foreign help. 4.Coastline was long. (and be difficult to blockade) 5.South believed they had better soldiers.
What was the task system? The slaves would have a list of things to do so if they finished it they could have the rest of the day off.
What were the economies of the North and South. South-Agriculture North- Industry
What were the Northern and Southern views of each other? North thought that the South was unjust. South thought that the North was greedy. Each viewed each other as uncultured.
What were the three ways that Antebellum slavery differ from slavery before that? 1. It involved only those from African descent. 2. It became a permanent condition for most slaves. 3. It was the result of buying stolen Africans and selling them.
What were wage slaves? Workers in the North whose working and living conditions were very poor--enslaved by their poor wages
Where was Fort Sumter? South Carolina, Charleston Harbor
Which man was a slave for the first 50 years of his life but managed to rise as a prominent preacher. John Jasper
Which Massachusettes senator gave an angry speech on the fighting in Kansas and attacked South Carolina senator Andrew Butler. Charles Sumner
Which South Carolina representative beat Sumner with his cane? Preston Brooks
Who first published Uncle Tom's Cabin? National Era
Who founded the abolitionist newspaper "The Liberator?" William Lloyd Garrison
Who published the New York Tribune? Horace Greely
Who surrendered Fort Sumter? Robert Anderson a Union Major.
Who was Stephen Douglas and what philosphy did he apply? An Illinois Senator who later ran for president and he applied popular sovereignty.
Who was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court during Dred Scott's trial? Roger B. Taney
Who was the governor of South Carolina? F.W. Pickens
Who was the man who helped Robert E. Lee capture John Brown? J.E.B. Stuart
Who was the Vice President of the Confederate States of America. Alexander Stephens
Who were the most influential people in the North and South? North-Owners of factories, railroads and other industries.
Who won the election of 1860? Abraham Lincoln
Who wrote Uncle Tom's cabin? Harriet Beecher Stowe
Why did the Bible cease to play a leading role in American public life? Neither the North or the South could agree on what Scripture said because it didn't seem to condemn or condone slavery.
Why was the Middle Passage so terrible. Slaves were cramped in tight spaces on the ship for weeks. Disease spread quickly and food was scarce.
Created by: Mrs_CC
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