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Antebellum Times

Social Studies

Eli Whitney The person who created the cotton gin.
cotton gin A machine used to clean the seeds out of cotton.
Cotton is King The nickname given to cotton because it made people a lot of money
canal An area of land dug out between 2 rivers to connect them.
railroad A new form of transportation used to move people and goods.
Elite Class Rich people with 500 acres of land and at least 20 slaves.
Enslaved African Americans People who were not free, someone's property, and worked long hours in the field for someone else.
Middle Class People who have enough money to live comfortably. They may be teachers, doctors, lawyers, or shop owners.
Free African Americans People who were once slaves, but were set free or bought their freedom. They may have been born in a free state.
Lower Class People who were poor. They were manual laborers who build canals, railroads, or worked in textile mills.
Independent Farmers People who owned a small piece of land. They worked the land themselves to grow food for their family. They may have a slave or two to help them.
Denmark Vessey Plot A slave revolt that led to more strict laws for slaves.
Antebellum The word used to describe the time before the Civil War.
read and write What it was illegal for slaves to do.
Best Friend of Charleston The first train in South Carolina.
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