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6 Hist Ch 11 BJU HS

anthropologist scientist who study the origins of man
appease satifsy
Aztec Religion -believed sun god had an appetite for human blood and hearts -sacrificed humans conquered in war to appease the sun god -thought their very existence depended on the sacrifices
Aztec rulers -descended from the gods -supported by nobles, warriors and priests
Aztecs believed to have settled in Mexico and was an advanced society with a higly structured economy
basalt volcanic rock Olmecs used to carve stone heads
causeways land bridges
cenotes deep sink holes from which Mayans got their water
chinampas garden islands
codex type of books Mayans made, and was about 8 inches high and several yards long
conquistador Spanish conqueror
Decline of Aztecs -Spanish invasion -weakened by disease
Diego de Land Spanish priest who tried to convert Mayans to Roman Catholicism
dikes walls that prevent flooding
Game of Life and Death -Mayan game -only nobles could play -losers were sacrificed to the gods
Hernando Cortes Spanish conquistador or conqueror who defeated the Aztecs
How did the Mayan civilization end? no one knows, they just seemed to have disappeared
La Venta one of largest and most famous Olmec cities
Lake Texcoco one of the largest cities in the world built on this lake
maize corn
Mayan achievements made advances in art, architecture and literature
Mayan architecture made thousands of sculptures and constructed huge pyramid-shaped temples
Mayan calendar based on the cycles of the moon and sun. Solar year had same number of days that ours does
Mayan currency went to markets to trade goods
Mayan food -maize (corn) -avocados -beans -loved chocolate
Mayan homes -groups of houses surrounded by fields -built their homes on high plateaus, lowlands & rainforests
Mayan Kings -lived in palaces -descended from the gods
Mayan literature -wrote thousands of books
Mayan nobles -lived in large houses near center of city -held gov. positions -architects, nobles, and scribes -NO manual labor
Mayan peasants -lived in small wooden houses with grass-thatched roofs -farmers -laborers -military
Mayan Religion -thought world was a large flat square atop a crocodile god in a pond with water lilies -believed almost everything had its own god
Mayan Social classes -Kings -Priests/Nobles -peasants -slaves
Mayan view of beauty/appearance -preferred long noses and sloping foreheads
Mayas another great civilization in Mesoamerica
Mesoamerica lands from central Mexico to Costa Rica in central America
Montezuma emperor of the Aztecs when the Spanish conquistadors began landing in 1519
obsidian sharp glasslike volcanic rock that Mayans used to make the blades of tools and weapons
Olmecs 1500 B.C., lived along southern Gulf Coast of Mexico, and declined by 400 B.C.
rubber -Rubber People (Olmecs) -believed to be the first people to use rubber
San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan urban center of Olmec civilization
stone heads most famous archaeological find from the Olmec civilization
stucco fine plaster or cement used to coat or decorate walls
Templo Mayor Great Pyramid
Tenochtitlan one of the largest cities in the world at that time and is where modern Mexico City is built upon
Tikal one of the largest and most magnificent Mayan city-states
zero Mayas developed the idea of zero, and used it to do difficult calculations and keep detailed records
Created by: Mrs_CC
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