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Name steps the government always uses in creating public policy. Step 1: identify the problem Step 2: develop a solution Step 3: implement a plan
What is the type of policy that addresses quality of life? Social policy
Explain an open primary in terms of an election. What does Louisiana Have? Louisiana has open primary; you can vote for any candidate.
In what ways can you support a political party? Campaign; write letter of support; raising campaign funds
Consequences are reserved for citizens who do not fulfill their civic responsibilities-is this true? False
Which group of citizens need to register for selective services? When was the draft last used? Males 18-25; 1973
Name the different types of civic duty. Educational and financial
What is the best way to promote equality? Respecting the people's options
how can you practice patriotism in American? Give examples. Serving in the arm forces
What example of being open new things? Listenig to different points of view, listening to arguments even if u disagree, watching the local news
Some countries have strict citizenship requirements while some are loose . True or False. True
What is an example of an illegal alien? Not a Refugee
Give example of rights not provided to aliens-legal or illegal Do not have right to vote, cannot run for office, can't serve on jury
What are the primary sources of revenue for the government? Property tax; business-license fees, interest on invested funds, shared profits from natural resources
What are some Examples of people getting involved in the government? by volunteering, voting, lobbying, joining community group
Tell me the difference between a civic duty and civc responsibility Civic duty MUST be fulfilled; a civc responsibility SHOULD be fulfilled
What an example of judicial civic duty? Jury Duty
Give some examples of characteristics of good citizen Respecting authority, and being patriotic
Define patriotism. Love for one's country
Yiannis Stephanapolous was a foreign diplomat working in the United States when his son, Georgos, was born to his wife in a New York hospital. Because Georgos was born on American soil, he is now a United States citizen. True or False. False
Define citizenship Member of a nation who was born on national territory, a person from a former country who was naturalized
What are social policies? poverty, gun control, health care, and education
What type of policy addresses how to collect and spend money? Economic policy
What are ways to directly participate in government? Run for office, volunteer, serve on a jury
Is ignorance of the law a legal defense? False - no
What reasons may a person get out of just duty? Sevier illness of family member, personal illness, schooling out state
What type of document requires of citizen to appear in court? Subpoena
What is the responsibility of citizen to an authority figure? Should obey an authority figure
Racism is a form of what? Prejudice
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