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Confederation Achiev

How was Confederation Achieved

Charlottetown Conference Was meant to be a discussion of a possible Maritime union
Role of women at conferences used social skills for goodwill and to encourage friendships
Québec Conference established the framework for the Dominion of Canada
Maritime colonies wanted new trade partners and a railway to move goods
Prince Edward Island wanted a solution to the land ownership issue; did not join Confederation in 1867
John A. Macdonald wished to have a strong central government
House of Commons the lower house: the number of representatives from each province would be based on population size
Senate the upper house: equal number of representatives from each region
“Indian Affairs” matters related to First Nations, such as land management
Federal government represented the interests of all the colonies and was responsible for a certain amount of colonial debt and major revenue sources
Province of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick formed Confederation in 1867
George Brown Father of Confederation who did not support French Canadians’ rights
London Conference where the British North America Act was written
Partially self-governing ability to self-govern, but within limits
Canada East wanted special rights for French language, religion, and education
Nova Scotia and New Brunswick protested Confederation, noting that they did not get to vote on the idea
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