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Malala Study Stack

aba Father
abandoned left alone without protection
burqa long flowing robes that cover body and face hiding all traces of skin
curfew an order that after a specific time certain activites(as being outside on the streets) Prohibited
diplomat a person who reperesents his/her countrys government in anouther coutry
distinguish to tell the difference between simaler items
edict an officail order issued by someone in authority
excruciating EXTREAME PAIN
exile to bar a person from his/her country typically for politicall reasons
futile unsuccessful
haram forbidded by the Qur'an
imam the man who leads prayer in a mosque; similar to a preacher,preast
jani dear one
ordeal a severe or unpleasent experience
ploy a manuver or move to get the advantige
purdah Islamic code that requris women to cover themselfs in public
reprimand to disaprrove or speak sharply
reprimanded scolded; sharp critcism
ritual simething done in a particuler situation;always done the same way
shalwar clothing native to southeast asia; a pair of loose pants and a long shirt comes to the knee
sharia laws based on the qur'an that explain a muslims duties and punishments if those duties aren't forfilled
shutterd closed
specimen something to be tested
tailbourd the bumper on a car or bus
charisma quality in a person that inspires/attracts others; charm
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