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Peter the Great

Eastern Europe

Located near the Baltic sea, above Poland Russia
Muscovites Great Russians, lived near Moscow
Tartar Khans lived north of Black Sea
Cossacks lived above the steppes "cowboys of Russia"
Bylorussians White Russian- lived west of Moscow
Little Russians/ Ruthenians/ Ukrainians lived southwest of Moscow
Russian Religion Greek Orthodox Church, very superstitious
Serfdom serfs worked on farms
Boyars landlords
Raskolniki people who did not like the new ideas from the west
Customs women were secluded and wore veils; men had beards and skirted garments, drank a lot, superstition rules in state and church
Duma national assembly, led by nobles
Stephen Rezin led a revolt and killed many nobles
Holy Synod a Holy Council in Russia
Ivan III "The Great" First Czar/Tzar/Tsar of Russia
Ivan IV "The Terrible" Killed many people in order to raise his own power. Opened Archangel, a port, and the Caspian
Semski Sober Consisted of the Duma, church, and the townspeople. Their main objective was peace by choosing a new ruler after Ivan IV left no heirs
Michael Romanov Elected by Semski Sober to be Czar of Russia. He was young and easily of controlled. He was the grandnephews of Ivan IV
Peter I "The Great" Traveled west in order to gain knowledge about western civilization. his main goal was to modernize Russia
Streltsi Rebellion elite Russian guards revolts in Moscow, Peter personally kills the rebels
Changes in Economics taxes on everything, adopted mercantilism
Changes in Government Duma is dissolved, Russia is divided into 10 territoies or Gubernii in order to centralize power, procurator to Holy Synod formed, Peter indirectly controls the church
The Great Northern War war started when Russia invaded Sweden
Charles VII of Sweden leader of the most modern and greatest army in Europe
Battle of Narva Sweden has 8000, Russia has 40000, Russia lost
Battle of Poltava Swedes invade Russia during winter, defeated by the winter
Treaty of Nystad Finland returns to Sweden, Lariva and Estonia given to Russia
"Windows on the West" St. Petersburg
Created by: sng4fd