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Queen Elizabeth

Key Terms

Blank Verse Non-rhyming verse taking the form of iambic pentameter and used extensively in Elizabethan drama by playwrights like Marlowe and Shakespeare.
Coronation ยท The ceremony by which someone is crowned king or queen
Galleon A heavy, square-rigged, sail-driven vessel favored by the Spanish in the Elizabethan period. The Spanish Armada was comprised of galleons.
Golden Hind Sir Francis Drake's ship, which he sailed around the world.
Interdict A form of papal censure and condemnation. An interdict strips a person or community of most sacraments and the right to Christian burial.
Privy Council The private council of the English King or Queen. Today, the Privy Council exercises no real power, but in Elizabeth's era it had great control over national policy.
Spanish Armada In 1588, Philip II of Spain sent this fleet to fetch his soldiers in the Netherlands and then invade England. Although it was supposed invincible, the Armada was defeated by the English navy.
Tower of London This royal fortress and residence served as a jail for important political prisoners (Elizabeth and Mary Queen of Scots were both detained there). The tower has also guarded important items such as the Crown Jewels.
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