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Truman to Nixon

US History STAAR EOC Vocabulary - 1945 to 1974

____ was the music festival held in 1969 which displayed songs of rock and roll; some used to protest the Vietnam war. Woodstock
The heaviest volume of migration within the united states since 1960 was from urban to ____. suburban
After the successful launching of sputnik by the Soviet Union in 1957, it sparked a fear that the soviets had achieved technological ____. superiority
The union of concerned scientists urged congress to pass legislation for ___ energy sources. clean and renewable
The ____ questioned actors/directors of films primarily including movies with communist undertones (a woman falls in love with a soldier from the Soviet Union). House Un-American Activities Committee
A direct result of the launching of sputnik was that the united states founded a federal agency dedicated to __________. space exploration
The beat generation encouraged independent thinking in an age of _______. conformity
After the atomic bomb was dropped by harry Truman it initiated an _________ with the Soviet Union. arms race
The Watergate scandal appeared to many Americans as a ______ to mislead the nation. conspiracy
The building of many homes in the suburbs led to increase IN ________ in many areas. deforestation
The united states changed their motto to “in god we trust” to distinguish from other nations who ______ religion. restricted
Many people began spending their money and time at movie theaters due to the increased popularity of the ___. television
The united states started to fund subjects like math and science as a result of the launching of the first artificial ___. satellite
Joseph McCarthy is best known for his role in the _____________ of the 1950’s. Red Scare
The Great Society, introduced by Johnson, was a series of programs designed to ________ poverty. eliminate
Rock and roll led to a ___ between generations. cultural divide
The Food Stamp act, Child Nutrition Act, and Housing and Urban Development were all programs in the Great Society that worked the eliminate ________. poverty
The expansion of the middle class, development of the interstate highway act, and the growth of the suburbs are all trends that resulted from economic _____ of the 1950’s. prosperity
One major cause of prosperity was the granting of federal benefits to returning ______ from WW2. veterans
The Red Scare and McCarthyism were both initiated by the fear of the future spread of _____. communism
Created by: rkrauseemhs
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