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NCVPS Unit 4

Jay's Treaty An agreement that said Britain would pay for American ships that were seized in 1793. It said that Americans had to pay British merchants debts owed from before the Revolution and Britain had agreed to remove their troops from the Ohio River Vallley
Alien and Sedition Acts is divided into 3 parts and was passed by the Federalist Congress and signed by President Adams in 1793
French Revolution There was a revolution in France in the 1700s. The monarchy, or government headed by kings and queens, was overthrown and a republic was established
Proclamation of Neutrality An announcement issued by President George Washington declaring the US a neutral nation in the conflict between Great Britain and France
Embargo Act of 1807 An act that stated American ships were no longer allowed to sail to foreign ports, and it also closed American ports to British ships
Louisiana Purchase A land purchase from France that doubled the size of the US and allowed the US to trade along the Mississippi River
XYZ Affair A 1797 French attempt to bribe the US by demanding money before discussing French seizure of neutral American ships
Pinckney's Treaty This treaty allowed access to New Orleans and established the northern border at Florida which was a Spanish colony at the time
Convention of 1800 This ended the American-French alliance that was thought would go on forever
Monroe Doctrine President James Monroe's statement forbidding further colonization in the Americas and declaring that any attempt by a foreign country to colonize would be considered an act of hostility
Battle of New Orleans A battle during the War of 1812 where the British army attempted to take New Orleans, it was fought after the war officially ended
Hartford Convention A meeting of New England Federalists who were opposed to the War of 1812 and talked about seceding from the US at this meeting
Treaty of Ghent Treaty that ended the War of 1812
Battle of Tippicanoe William Henry Harrison and troops defeated the Shawnee Indians (Tecumseh) who were trying to unite
War of 1812 The second war (1812-1814) between the US and Great Britian (England) because Great Britain were trying to interfere with American trade with France
William Henry Harrison A general who fought against the Indians in western territories; defeated Tecumseh and his brother at the Battle of Tippecanoe; later became president
War Hawks A nickname for the Republicans during Madison's presidency who wanted to go to war with Britain
The USS Constitution/Old Ironsides American warship named The USS Constitution and nicknamed "Old Ironsides" sank a British ship off the coast of Nova Scotia
Andrew Jackson General who led American forces in the Battle of New Orleans
Secionalism A extreme loyalty to a particular region of a nation and the region's interests and ways of doing things
Nationalism a strong feeling of pride and devotion to one's own country
Star Spangled Banner The national anthem written by Francis Scott Key during the War of 1812
Mr. Madison's War People who opposed the War of 1812 used this term for the War of 1812, since those who supported James Madison for president supported this war
Created by: osbornekl88
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