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HIS 109 Final

HIS 109 Final "Industrialization"

What was one of the key goals for which striking workers fought in the late 19th century? an 8 hour workday
Which investment later helped John D. Rockefeller create the Standard Oil Company of Ohio? refining crude oil into kerosene
Which entrepreneur championed the idea that America's tycoons owed a debt to society for their successes? Andrew Carnegie
What was the method by which John D. Rockefeller grew the Standard Oil Company through mergers and acquisitions of similar companies? horizontal integration
The US first large business bureaucracies began within which industry? railroad
Which US regions natural resources made it a key area for the production of iron and steel in the late 1800s? the Midwest
What was an immediate result of the widespread use of the Bessemer converter in the US steel industry? The price of steel plummeted, allowing for more metal goods to be made.
Which inventors version of the telephone is most like the modern telephone used today? Thomas Alva Edison
The ideas of Social Darwinsm were pioneered by Herbert Spencer
What does the term "robber baron" refer to? a businessman who is believed to exploit workers and bend laws
Which events at the end of the 19th century all but crushed the labor movement for the following 40 years? The Homestead Steel strike and the Pullman strike
Which business distributed more than a million copies of its mail-order catalog annually due to its popularity among farmers and rural Americans? Sears, Roebuck, & Company
What business practice allowed people to take part in the new consumer culture? selling on credit
Which of these was not invented by Thomas Edison? typewriter
The average factory work day in the Gilded Age was 60 hours
What do the terms Pullman and Haymarket have in common? they represent labor disputes
What was the "consumers Bible"? Sears catalog
Who was actually known as the first robber baron? Jay Gould
To avoid the legalities of trusts and monopolies, Rockefeller invented the holding company
Who were men who damaged mines and murdered to bring attention to coal mines? Molly McGuires
Created by: mollieperkins