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HIS 109 Final

HIS 109 Final "Westward Expansion" 1840-1900

According to General William T. Sherman, what was the best answer to the "Indian Question"? Assimilating the Native American life through education and cultural transition.
Which of the following was true concerning the settlement of Oklahoma? Unoccupied Indian land was taken to grant settlers homesteads.
What was the first immigrant group to make an impact on the culture and society of the western United States? Mexican-Americans
What did the Homestead act do? It granted free land to people willing to settle west.
How did the development of railroads impact the cattle industry? It opened a large market for beef throughout the country.
Which industry's products saw the greatest growth in national popularity after the development of railroads? Cattle Industry
In the late 1800s why did many Americans view Chinese immigrants more negatively than they did immigrants from Europe? ?????????
The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 did which of the following? It prohibited most immigration from China to the United States.
How did some American women benefit from homesteading in the west? They were able to live more equitably as partners with their husbands.
What name was given to the first significant silver discovery in the United States? the Comstock Lode
What did the Dawes Act do? Split tribal lands into individual allotments.
What ended the open range and cattle driving? barbed wire
Time zones were a direct results of Growth of railroads
Which state was the first to allow women to vote Wyoming
The motto "Kill the Indian, Save the man" is an example of Americanization
What breed of cattle were driven on western trails longhorn
African American soldiers in the army after the Civil War were called Buffalo Soldiers
Created by: mollieperkins