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HIS 109 Final

HIS 109 Final "The Era of Reconstruction" 1865-1877

Which of the following did Lincoln propose as a means of reintegrating the former Confederate states back into the Union after the US Civil War? Ten Percent Plan
Which agency was founded to assist African Americans during Reconstruction? the Freemen's Bureau
The Black Codes were designed to do which of the following? Preserve the pre-war status of African Americans
13th Amendment Ended slavery throughout the entire United States
14th Amendment Declared all people born on US soil to be citizens
15th Amendment Allowed suffrage to American males of all races
What name was given to Northern's who moved to the South during reconstruction, usually to invest in land? Carpetbaggers
What is generally considered to be the greatest success of the Freedmen's Bureau? Promoting former slaves' civil rights
What was also known as the Invisible Empire of the South? Ku Klux Klan
What happened to the women's rights movement as a result of the passage of the 15th amendment? It split between those who believed that African Americans should be given priority in receiving the suffrage and those who believed that both sexes should have the same rights.
What was a common problem faced by sharecroppers? They often found themselves unable to pay their debts.
What brought reconstruction to an end in 1877? A compromise between Democrats and Republicans after the election of 1876
What was the immediate, stated reason for Andrew Jackson's impeachment? Violating the Tenure of Office Act by trying to remove Edwin M. Stanton from his caninet
Created by: mollieperkins
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