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Rise to World Power

US History STAAR EOC Vocabulary - Rise to World Power

During World War 1, the way the United States enlarged its army was the _________ passed in 1917. Selective Service Act
______ supported overseas expansion and is best known for annexing Hawaii and treating the natives poorly. Sanford B Dole
After the Spanish American war, Theodore Roosevelt advocated for the building of the ___ which led to faster travel. Panama Canal
The United States abandoned neutrality in 1917 and joined the allies after a European nation took ______ actions against us. Aggressive
The Fourteen Points was a statement of ___ that had principles to try and end World War 1. world peace
During the Spanish American war, a technique that exaggerated events and drew the United States into war was called _______. Yellow Journalism
After the Spanish American war, the United States emerged as an ________ similar to many European nations. Imperial power
During world war 1, _____ won the medal of honor for his courage and going above and beyond in the battle of Argonne forest. Alvin York
A new style of fighting which included digging holes all across western Europe was called ______warfare. trench
During world war 1 the British passenger liner that was bombed by the Germans was called the ___ Lusitania
_____was a senator who opposed the signing of the League of Nations, which he feared would draw the u.s. into unnecessary wars. Henry Cabot Lodge
The __________was a secret message from Germany to Mexico asking them to fight against the U.S. if they were granted U.S. territories in return. Zimmerman Telegram
The Hawaiian natives were protesting the forced _________ of Hawaii by Sanford B. Dole annexation
The Panama Canal not only shortened travel, but made _________ more efficient. trade
In 1914, world war 1 began due to the __________ of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. assassination
During world war 1 the weapon that used smoke and fumes was ___________. poison gas
___ is best known for transforming inexperienced soldiers. John J Pershing
____ supported overseas expansion and putting money into having a strong navy. Alfred Thayer Mahan
Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines were all __________ after the Spanish American war. acquired territories
The two sides fighting in world war 1 were the _________ powers Allied vs Central
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