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What was the name of our country's first Constitution? Articles of Confederation
Who presided over the Constitutional Convention? George Washington
What was the Problem with the Articles of Confederation? Weak Central Government
The presiding officer of the Senate is... The Vice-President
The power to coin money belongs to the... Congress
How many electoral votes does each state get? the number of its Senators and Representatives.
Congress can override the President’s veto if both houses have 2/3 majority
What is the number of representatives a state is entitled to in the House determined by? Population of the state
Who leads the executive branch? The President (Barack Obama)
What is the legislative branch of our government called? Congress
What is the length of term for the U.S. House of Representatives? Two Years
When would the number of Senators change? If another state were added
How often is the population of a state determined? Every 10 years
Who is the presiding officer of the House of Representatives? Speaker of the House
How old must you be to be a Senator? 30 years old
Who appoints federal court judges? the President
What is the term of office for a Supreme Court judge? life
Removing a government official from office for serious misbehavior is called - Impeachment
Who must a person be indicted by before they can be tried for a major crime? Grand Jury
Who OFFICIALLY elects the President? Electoral College
System of safeguards to prevent one branch of government from becoming stronger than the others Checks and Balances
Brown vs. Board of Education integration of schools
Prohibition forbidding the sale or manufacture of liqour
The Great Compromise The decision for Congress to be bicameral
Double Jeopardy You cannot be tried for the same crime twice
How long does the President have to sign or veto a bill? 10 days
What are the President's Advisors called? The Cabinet
Who has the power to declare war? Congress
What is an amendment? A Change or addition to the Constitution
Who settles issues concerning the interpretation of the Constitution? The Supreme Court
Powers not given to the United States by the Constitution and not forbidden to the states are reserved to who? the states or the people (Amendment 10)
When does an amendment become part of the Constitution? 3/4 of state legislatures ratify it
Who is the Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy? the President
Which amendment protects against double jeopardy, protects against self-incrimination, and provides for an indictment by a grand jury? 5th Amendment
Who is the Cheif Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court? John Roberts
How is a veto an example of checks and balances? The Executive branch is checking the Legislative branch.
What month do Presidential Elections occur in? November
How many states needed to ratify the Constitution in order for it to become effective? 9 of 13
Where are our specific guarantees of our individual rights and liberties found? The Bill of Rights (First 10 Amendments)
How many members are there in teh House of Representatives? 435
What amendment secures our basic freedoms of speech, press, religion, and assembly? 1st Amendment
The Constitutional requirement that a prisoner either be charrged with a crime or released from jail - Writ of Habeas Corpus
Why didn't the Anti-Federalists originally approve of the Constitution in 1787? There was no bill of rights
Which office may only be held by a natural born citizen? President
How old must you be to legally vote? 18
What part of the Constitution allows Congress to stretch its powers by making laws concerning topics that are not specifically mentioned in the Constitution? The Elastic Clause
The power of the national government to coin money is an example of an.... implied power (comes from the Elastic Clause)
What is the current capital of Illinois? Springfield
How many constitutions has Illinois had? 4
When did Illinois become a state? 1818
Who is the governor of the state of Illinois? Pat Quinn
What is the name of hte Illinois legislative branch? The General Assembly
What state executive succeeds to the governor's position if it is vacated? Lietenant Governor
How many judges are there in the U.S. Supreme Court? 9
Who is the current Secretary of State for Illinois? Jesse White
Created by: vtessling