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Vocabulary Words

Studying all 52 words, one step at a time.

Abundant To have plenty or ample supply. Synonym: bountiful; Antonym: scarce.
Acid Rain Precipitation polluted by gases released into the air by the burning of fossil fuels like coal or oil. Synonym: dirty air; Antonym: clean air
Ally A country or person that has joined with another country or person for special purpose. SYNONYM: partner; ANTONYM:foe
Autocracy A type of government where one leader holds complete power: Example: DICTATOR. Synonym: czar; Antonym: democracy
Capital Goods Goods that are used in producing other goods, rather than being bought by consumers. Synonym: tools; Antonym: human capital
Centralize To bring together under one authority. Synonym: unify; Antonym: scattered
Contaminate Impure or unclean. Synonym: unclean; Antonym: clean
Currency form of money. Synonym: money; Antonym: no money
Democracy A type of government system where the people of the country hold the supreme power. Synonym: freedom; Antonym: autocracy
Dictator Typical leader of an autocratic government. Synonym: absolute monarchy; Antonym: president
Distribute to give out; to pass out. Synonym: donate Antonym: take away
Diversity being different. Synonym: range Antonym: unison
Domestic Something or someone from our country, having to do with home. Synonym: home-loving; Antonym: foreign
Efficient Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort/expanse. Synonym: valuable; Antonym: ineffective
Embargo Ban on trade with a particular country. Synonym: ban Antonym:help
Empire Extensive group of states/ countries under a single supreme authority. Synonym: Command; Antonym: subservice
Ethnic group A group of people who have the same language, culture, etc. Synonym: origin; Antonym: different
fascism A political philosophy in which total power is given to a dictator and individual freedoms are denied. Synonym: Nazism; Antonym:democracy
Foreign Someone or something from outside our country. Synonym: different; Antonym: known
GDP (Gross Domestic Product) The total market value of the goods & services produced by a country during a specific year.
Globalization Linking of nations through trade, information, technologies, etc. Synonym: growth; Antonym: nationalization
Holocaust An act of mass destruction and loss of life. Synonym: catastrophe; Antonym: peace
Human capital The skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by an individual. Synonym: human resource; Antonym: capital goods
Imperialism Policy of obtaining and occupying land to form an empire.
Inflation The rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services is rising. Synonym: rise; Antonym: decrease
Intervene To come between people or groups. Synonym: interfere; Antonym: ignore.
Liberate Free from a situation. Synonym: free; Antonym: hold
Literacy Ability to read and write. Synonym: education; Antonym: ignorance.
Monarchy Type of government headed by a king or queen. Synonym: crown; Antonym: democracy.
Nationalize To bring under the ownership or control of a country’s government. Synonym: associate; Antonym: disagree.
Natural Resources Materials that occur in nature and can be used or economic gain. Synonym: raw material; Antonym: man-made.
Outsource Paying to have some of your company's work done by someone else(not employee of company)Synonym: source; Antonym:less
Parliamentary Democracy (Prime Minister is leader) Form of government in which the party with the greatest representation in the legislative branch forms the government. Synonym: legislative; Antonym: autocracy
Population Density Number of people per square mile of land. Synonym: Population growth; Antonym: Population shrinks
Poverty Not having enough money to meet basic needs. Synonym: debt; Antonym: a lot of money
Privatize To move an industry from public (government) to ownership to individual ownership.
Quota A trade barrier that places a limit on the number of a good that can be imported. Synonym: allowed; Antonym:whole
Reform To make something better; as apposed to revolution which means a complete and radical change; Improve Synonym: improve; Antonym: damage
Regulations Rules or laws. Synonym: arrangement; Antonym:lawlessness
Republic Government system in which decisions are made be elected officials who represent the people. Synonym: self-government; Antonym: freedom
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