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Unit 6 Review

industry, immigration, reforms

reform To make better by changing the bad parts of society
abolition Getting rid of completely
Transcendentalism Movement that emphasized living in harmony with nature and stressed examining a person's thoughts, emotions, and imagination
Suffrage The right for women to vote
Temperance Ban the drinking of alcohol
Asylum A hospital for the mentally ill
Seneca Falls First womens' rights convention
Declaration of Sentiments A speech given at the Seneca Falls Convention that demanded equal rights for women including voting
Underground Railroad An escape route to the North for runaway slaves
Second Great Awakening A religious revival that began after 1790 that stressed salvation was possible for everyone and highlighted the power of the individual
Public School Movement In this movement, Catherine Beecher helped with the establishment of colleges for women and helped in the creation of elementary schools and mandatory education for all white male children
Dorothea Dix This leader was from North Carolina and led reform for prisons and asylums
William Lloyd Garrison Published the newspaper, The Liberator, in 1831 and founded the American Anti-Slavery Society to push for abolition
Frederick Douglass Born a slave which fueled his hatred for slavery; worked with William Lloyd Garrison until he founded his own newspaper, The North Star, in 1847
Hariet Tubman The most famous leader of the Underground Railroad; used the Underground Railroad to lead over 300 slaves to freedom from the South to the North.
Sojourner Truth Born a slave but escaped to the North; achieved national attention by winning a court case for the freedom of her son
Nat Turner Led a slave rebellion and killed 60 whites including his slave owner which led to stricter laws against slaves being put into place to prevent future rebellions
Henry David Thoreau A famous transcendentalism writer who said, "Men are born to succeed and not fail."
Eli Whitney Inventor of the cotton gin in 1793
Cyrus McCormick Inventor of the mechanical reaper in 1834
I.M. Singer Inventor who invented the sewing machine in 1851
Charles Goodyear Inventor of vulcanized rubber in 1839 and developer of a process to make rubber stronger so it could be used to transport goods
Robert Fulton Inventor of steam powered ships in 1807
Samuel Morse Inventor of the telegraph in 1837
Know Nothing Party This group formed to limit all immigration to the U.S.
Telegraph Invention by Samuel Morse in 1837 that allowed for faster communication which linked different parts of the country together
Manifest Destiny The idea that Americans had the right and duty to expand west
American Dream The belief that every American can work hard to get what they want.
Industrial Related to a manufacturing business
Immigrants Foreigners who came to the United States to live and work
Annex Adding the territory of another state to a country
Agriculture Relating to work or business of producing crops
Productivity The state of being able to create, particularly at a high quality and quick speed.
Nativism The policy of favoring people born in America over immigrants to hire for jobs
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