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M of A GP

Making of America Growing Pains

Dates? 1789 - 1838
Who were the three groups of people in America at the time? Indians, White Americans, Black Americans
Who were the Indians? Native Americans, nomadic tribes, allowed to vote if pay taxes
Who were the African Americans? Slaves. About 700,000 in 1789. Weren't allowed to vote as slaves
Who's at the top of the nation? The President. George Washington was the first. The President is elected. Not like a King, has limits on his power.
What's the constitution? Sets out how country is run. Written by the founding fathers
What's congress? Passes laws. Elected in. Governors of each state (owner essentially) go to congress
What about the states? 13 original states on the east coast. For a state to be a state they have to be well populated, have a formal government, agree to the constitution, can pass laws as long as they don't contradict the constitution
What were the territories? All the area that weren't states. Vast areas, can't vote in congress, not well populated, no formal government
What was the highest enforcer? Supreme Court. Make decisions about important legal cases
What was their relationship with the British? They had an agreement with Britain that meant the British weren't allowed to take anymore land from the Indians
What happened after the British were defeated in the war of independence? British made treaty with US saying US gets 230 million acres of Indian land (North West Territory and South West Territory). White settlers ('frontiersman') set up farms on the land
What were the Indian's reactions to this? Indians furious. British broke treaty to not giveaway any more Indian land. Indians attack farms, frontiersmen demand protection from government
What is Washington worried about? Worried Indians might team up with British to fight Americans. Spends 80% of budget on campaign against Indians (encouraged by farm attacks)
What battle did this lead to? Battle of Fallen Timbers 1794. Indians defeated, sign treaty of Greenville, stating Indians give US north west and south west territory. New states created (e.g. Ohio)
What was the Louisiana purchase? Bought from French. Includes Southern Coast part of New Orleans. 530 million acres of land for only $15 million
What was squatting? Small farmers couldn't afford land as had to buy minimum of 640 acres for $1 per acre. Squatted on land to raise money for land. Land speculators bought it out from under them and kicked them off, so small farmers died out
Who were Lewis and Clarke? People tasked with exploring new territory and finding routes westwards. Mostly got on with Indians (Sacagawea) but increased fur trade led to other traders moving into the new lands and causing issues with Indiansp
How was the land separated? Jefferson thought land ownership made people responsible for that land. He divided up the NW and SW territories and sold them as stated before. People had to own land to vote
Created by: MattTheBoiInit
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