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Reconstruction era

freedmen men and women who had been slaves
Reconstruction Pardon those who took an oath of allegiance to the United States, 10% of white voters took the oath of allegiance, state agreed to ratify 13th Amendment
Freedmen's Bureau government agency founded during Reconstruction to help former slaves by providing food, housing and education
black codes Southern laws that severely limited the rights of African Americans after the Civil War
Ku Klux Klan secret society organized after the Civil War that was violent and intimidated blacks from voting and using their new rights.
Henry McNeal Turner African American Legislator that served in the Georgia General Assembly that was forced out; felt that Blacks should leave and go to Africa b/c they being treated poorly here in the South
sharecropper Lived on and worked the land in exchange for part of the crop.Had no animals, seeds, fertilizer or tools
Tenant farmer Lived on someone else's land, provided labor in exchange for using the land, often provided their own animals, equipment, and supplies.
Lincoln's assassination The North should be supportive of laws/policies that help people in the South recover faster
Lincoln's Reconstruction Plan The North should be supportive of laws/policies that help people in the South recover faster
13th, 14th and 15th Amendments granted civil rights to African Americans
What battle was an important Union battle in the South, and where Confederates lost control of the Mississippi River? Siege of Vicksburg
What was the process of re-admitting Southern States into the Union? Reconstruction
What amendment freed slaves in all states? 13th Amendment
What amendment made all former slaves American Citizens? 14th Amendment
What amendment allowed all former slaves the right to vote? 15th Amendment
What was the North's strategy to defeat the South? the Anaconda Plan- use a naval blockade to prevent the south's imports and exports
What river did Lincoln hope to gain control of, to split the Confederacy? Mississippi
Who argued the South's secession was constitutional because it was a right established by the Declaration of Independence? Jefferson Davis
What disrupted the South's agricultural economy and ensured the British and French did not support the South? Emancipation
Who assassinated Lincoln on April 15, 1865 in Washington DC to avenge the South's defeat in the war? John Wilkes Booth
Sharecroppers had to pay a portion of their profits to landowners from their own share of the crop. Landowners also received the largest part of the crop and benefited from sharecroppers' labor.
Differences in Lincoln's Plan and the Congressional Plan for Reconstruction Congressional plan was harsher and wanted to punish the South for the Civil War
Differences between Sharecroppers and tenant farmers. Sharecroppers owned nothing but their labor, while tenant farmers owned farm animals and equipment to use in working other people's lands.
Reason that African American legislators were kicked out of office. GA said that the state constitution did not allow African Americans to hold office
Created by: Aulmer33