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1)T of L (N) and (B)

T of L (N) Challenges and benefits of studying. (B) When and Why

Main Problem? It's age (nearly 1000 years). Some parts could have been destroyed/damaged or repaired/replaced (Lion tower destroyed, moat drained)
What did the Victorians do? Rebuilt parts to make it look more medieval, hard to distinguish between legitimate medieval castle and interpretation (salt tower made by Anthony Salvin)
What was limited? Limited sources and so have to rely on historians interpretations and Bayeux Tapestry
Most significant part? White Tower. Almost exactly as it was when built. Overall, very well preserved for castle over 1000 years
Anything else the same? Henry III and Edward I's curtain walls still stand.
What about UNESCO? Very important site as it's a UNESCO world heritage site, so well studied. Also has detailed information boards and is most of it is open to the public
What were the first Norman defences? 1066. Used remains of roman walls and built the rest out of wood
What happened between 1075-1079 Work started on the White Tower. It was built of stone
When was the white tower completed? 1097, after Williams death
Why was it built? Status Symbol. Projects the power/wealth of Normans.
Why else? Protect from foreign invasion (especially Vikings)
And the last one? To assert dominance over the English. Foreign King so English don't like him. Needs to control them. He can prevent rebellions (e.g. Exeter 1068) and to control his capital city
Created by: MattTheBoiInit
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