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Test I

I: Feathers; What sets birds apart from all other creatures only animals w/ feathers
What is the purpose of the contour feathers Help fly
Describe the difference between flight contour feathers and body contour feathers FCF are larger and have a long stiff shaft. BCF are shorter and softer
What kind of feathers fill the space between contour feathers and down feathers semi- plumes
What is the purpose of down feathers insulation
What do bristles help birds do feel and sense space
what are two ways that birds can get coloring True pigments (red, browns, light colors & yellow) occur naturally; Reflected pigments- give the illusion of colors, not natural, (blues, greens, & purples)
Describe the difference between recognizing and identifying a bird Recognizing- a little more than looking at it; Identifying- being able to name it
II: Anatomy- feet and wings Why is it helpful to know the topography of a bird to be able to recognize birds and locate them in a field guide
How do most birds walk toes
What are scales Protective covering for feet
why do shore birds have webbing helps them swim
what five things do birds possess which enables them to fly light weight bones & tail- feathers & muscles & steam- lined shape & ability to change directions quickly
To what do the primaries attach carpo- metacarpus
to what bone do the secondaries attach ulna
what is the purpose of the humerus power for flight
for what are slots used lift
how does the tail help in flight bake & steering
Created by: GuineaPigwca
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