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SS-Ancient Greece4-8

7th Grade S.S. Ancient Greece Unit Flashcards 4-8

Monarchy A type of government where a monarch or king is in control. It was the first type of government in ancient Greece. Monarchs made laws, acted like judges, conducted religious ceremonies, and led the army during wars.
Monarchy continued At first, monarchs were chosen by the people of the city-state. However, later on kings started demanding that their power go to their oldest son after death. Aristocrats helped the king by advising him and providing horses/armor during wars.
Monarchy continued 2 Eventually, the aristocrats started realizing that the kings depended on them, and took the power for themselves.
Tyranny A type of government where a tyrant is in charge. Tyrants can't claim that they have a legal right to rule, and usually don't let their sons inherit their power. Most tyrants rose to power by gaining the support of the people by promising them more rights
Tyranny continued Tyrants also ruled well. They made changes that helped the poor and canceled the debts of poor farmers.
Spartan Oligarchy Important decisions were made by a small group of people called the Council of the Elders. Citizens that weren’t part of a noble family or at least 60 years of age couldn’t have a say. This meant that poor people couldn’t have a say in the community.
Aristocrat They helped kings with their wealth by providing horses and armor to go to war. They also ruled during an oligarchy. This small group of people led comfortable lives and passed laws only to protect and increase their own wealth.
Aristocrat continued During their rule, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer. Eventually, oligarchs were overthrown by leaders(usually in the military) who promised to improve their lives.
Athenian Democracy The people made the decision, not just one person or a few people. A group called the Council of 500 met everyday. Every year, 500 names were chosen of the ones that were collected.
Athenian Democracy continued This way opinions of every single citizen was incorporated into the final decision. However, women, slaves, and men under the age of 30 weren’t allowed to join.
Created by: nkornchankul
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