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D - SS - Units 7 & 8

Study Guide

What area is rich in natural resources? Southern Canada in the Canadian Shield
What two bodies of water does the St. Lawrence River connect? Atlantic Ocean and the Great Lakes
What are some environmental concerns of Canada? acid rain, pollution in the Great Lakes, extraction of natural resources causing damage to the environment (ex. clear cutting & mining waste)
Why is acid rain a serious environmental concern? kills plants, harms animals, damages farmland, harms fish, hurts profit for industries & breaks down statues/buildings
What type of government does Canada have? federal government; constitutional monarchy
Who are the leaders of the Canadian government? the queen & the prime minister
What is the Queen's job? head of state - has ceremonial duties
What two European countries fought over Canada? France and the United Kingdom
Who is Canada’s major trading partner? United States
What Canadian province started an independence movement to secede? Quebec
Why did a Canadian province start an independence movement to secede? they wanted to preserve their French culture
Where do most Canadians live? large cities (urban areas) within 100 miles of the US border (southern Canada)
What is the climate in Canada? cold
Why is trade between the United States and Canada easy? there is a long 3,000 mile border
What is a budget? an estimate of income and a plan for expenses of an individual or family over a period of time
What is income? when people give time and services to an employer in return for receiving money
What is interest? a fee paid to use someone else's money
What is credit? a means to buy something now and pay later
What kind of democracy does Canada have? parliamentary democracy
What is the Prime Minister's job? head of government - runs the government day-to-day
Created by: lprinke