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Chap. 6-Lundquist

Some_____________felt the Articles of Confederation needed to be revised and pushed for a stronger government. Patriots
A group called the ______________included leaders such as ________ ____________________ and ___________ ________________. nationalists Ben Franklin George Washington
One farmer became a leader of the movement to fight raising taxes that people paid on the property they owned. This movement was called__________ ________________ Shay's Rebellion
________ ___ ________protects citizens from a government's misuse of power. Rule of law
The idea that power comes from the people is called ___________ ______________________. popular sovereignty
Duties accepted by citizens, including voting, are called _________ _________________. civic responsibilities
A____________________ is a government in which the citizens have the power to make political decisions. Democracy
Representatives of the _____________ _______________ _____________worked together to create a government with limited control over the people. Second Continental Congress
A governmental plan was outlined in a document called the ________________ _____ __________________. Articles of Confederation
Under the Articles of the Confederation, the only branch of the national government was _______________. congress
At least __________ out of the thirteen states had to vote for a new law in order for it to pass. nine
In 1781, all _______________states approved the Articles of Confederation in order for the new government to take effect. thirteen
_______________means to approve and make officially valid. Ratify
The thing that protects a citizen's right to fair treatment through the judicial system is ___________ ________________. due process
An ________________is a change or addition to the United States Constitution. amendment
__________________are laws which describe how to organize a territory. Ordinances
A_______________is a person chosen to represent a group. delegate
A ____________________is when people on both sides of an issue give up something to reach an agreement. compromise
A refusal to sign a law is called a ____________. veto
The __________________is a written plan for government. constitution
While prices go up, money loses value as a result of ____________. inflation
The Constitution is the ________________law in the United States. highest
According to the ______________ ____ ___ _______________, the purpose of the government is to provide its citizens with a fair, safe, and peaceful way of life. Preamble of the Constitution
There are _______ things meant to be fulfilled according to the Preamble of the Constitution. 3
The Bill of Rights _________ supported by the Federalists. WAS
The national government does not have the power to ___________ __________________. manage elections
The ______________ ___ ______________meant that each branch of government would balance the power of the others. separation of powers
The President of the United States is the leader of the _____________branch. executive
The _________________branch of the government is in charge of creating the laws. legislative
Congress issued many laws to describe how to organize the territory north of the ___________ ____________. Ohio River
The ___________________________________ explained how the land would be divided and also provided for ____________ ___________. Land Ordinance of 1785 public schools
Congress issued the _____________________________to describe how lands could become states. Northwest Ordinance of 1787
The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 made ________________against the law in the Northwest Territory. slavery
The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 stated that the U.S. would never take land from ____________________without permission. Americans
On May 25, 1787, delegates from the states went back to Philadelphia for the ______________ _____________________ with the goal of improving the ________________ ____ __________________. Constitutional Convention Articles of Confederation
The _____________ Plan called for states with larger populations to have more representatives in Congress. Virginia
The _____________ Plan called for each state to have the same number of representatives no matter what their size. New Jersey
The delegates debated for a month before agreeing on the ________ _________________. Great Compromise
The Great Compromise proposed that Congress be made up of a_____________ and ___________________________. Senate House of Representatives
Created by: Mrs. Logan
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