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D - SS - Units 7 & 8

Canada - Environment

What are the environmental issues in Canada? acid rain, pollution of the Great Lakes and extraction & use of natural resources
What are the causes of acid rain in Canada? polluted gases released into the air from emissions from cars, power plants that burn fossil fuels and factories that process minerals
What are the effects of acid rain in Canada? polluted farmland, dying trees, dead plants and animals in lakes, damage to buildings and statues and lower profits for industries
What are the causes of pollution in the Great Lakes? waste from industries, sewage treatment plants, and run-off (pesticides, fertilizers, oil, grease, salt from highways)
What is an effect of the pollution in the Great Lakes? it's killing the plants and fish
What are the US and Canada doing to combat the pollution in the Great Lakes? they area working to control industry, change to gas powered stations instead of coal-powered, and adding lime to help neutralize the effects of acid rain
Why are the minerals from the Canadian Shield important? they are valuable exports and power many industries
What damage can extracting minerals cause the environment? emissions cause acid rain, toxic waste gets into the ground and water and plants and animals lose their place to live
What do rivers on the Canadian Shield produce? hydroelectricity
What is hydroelectricity? electricity created by flowing water
Hydroelectricity has caused problems because of what? the creation of dams, reservoirs, and change in river flow
What are results of the problems hydroelectricity has caused? flooding, erosion, and animals lost their place to live and their source of food
What is timber used for? make wood and paper products
What has clear-cutting (cutting down a lot of trees in the same area) caused? flooding and erosion into rivers
What is the government doing to try to help the effects of extracting timber in the Canadian Shield? they are restoring damaged areas and setting aside land to be protected
What are emissions? the production and release of something
What is an extraction? the action of taking something out
Created by: lprinke