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there would be questionss

where do most people live in Australia?Why? They live along the coast, because the climate is milder
which economic activity occurs in the outback Mining and graving
Which two hemispheres is Australia located in southern ande eastern
What is a nomad someone who moves around usually following herds of migrating animal
Where did the Aborigines come from originally Southeast Asia
why are the plants and animals in Australia unique Because of the country's great distance from other large landmasses
What is dreamtime The aboriginal creation story. It tells how they believe the earth was created
How were the aborigines treated by the british The aboriginal children were removed from the tribe and given to the british to destroy their culture
who were the first british settlers convicts
what was the first colony in Australia called Port Jackson
Why did the British want to colonize Australia -loss of american colonies through revolution -overpopulated prisons in London -discovery of new lands to explore
the discovery of which natural resource caused a pollution boom in Australia during the 1880s? gold
What happened to the aborigines once british colonization The aborigines died from european diseases
What is the main religion and language in Australia? why? Christianity and English because the British colonized Australia
How are the standard of living and literacy rate relaed the higher the standard of living the higher the literacy rate
What type of government does Australia have Federal, Parliamentary democracy, constitutional monarchy
who is the head of state in Australia Queen appoints governor-general
who is the head of government in Australia Prime minister
Why is australia in a good location for trade Because of it's closeness to china
what type of economy does australia have mixed towards market
Created by: Izu28
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