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STAAR Facts Set 1/2

*Religion (God) *Wealth (Gold) *Fame and International recognition (Glory) Reasons for European exploration
Abigail Adams Wife of John Adams, "Remember the Ladies"
Anne Hutchinson woman kicked out of Massachusetts Bay, founded Rhode Island for religious freedom
Battle of Lexington and Concord first shots of the American Revolution
Battle of Saratoga turning point in the American Revolution
Battle of Yorktown last battle of the American Revolution, helped by the French navy
Benjamin Franklin Author, inventor, ambassador to France during Revolution
Bernardo de Galvez Spanish military leader who held off British in New Orleans
Boston Massacre British soldiers fire on mob and kill 5 colonists
Boston Tea Party led by the Sons of Liberty; destroyed cases of tea into Boston harbor
Boycott Organized campaign to refuse to buy certain products.
Charles Cornwallis Commander of British forces at the Battle of Yorktown
Crispus Attucks African American, First person killed in the Boston Massacre martyr of the American Revolution
Date for the DOI July 4, 1776
Declaration of Independence document written by Thomas Jefferson breaking up with England.
First Great Awakening religious movement of the 1700s that emphasized the importance of reading the Bible and religious feelings
French and Indian War war between England and France over land in North America.
French Which colonizing nation established a good relationship with the Natives and came to the Americas in search of furs to trade?
Fundamental Orders of Connecicut first written constitution in the colonies; Example of a representative government.
Geography of New England colonies rocky soil, cold winters, cool summers, lots of hills/small mountains, fast rivers
George Washington Commander in Chief of the Continental Army
Georgia colony founded by James Oglethorpe for debtors
Haym Salomon Polish Jew who spied for Americans and was held as a translator for the Germans by the British
Industry (jobs) of New England colonies ship building, fishing, trade, fur trapping
Intolerable (Coersive) Acts act passed as punishment for the Boston Tea Party (cancelled town meetings
James Armistead African American spy during the American Revolution. Spied on British General Cornwallis' camp
James Oglethorpe founder of Georgia
Jamestown 1607, first permanent English colony in North America
John Adams Massachusetts lawyer who defended British soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre
John Paul Jones Founder of the US Navy, Continental navy commander and privateer known for yelling "I have not yet begun to fight"
King George III King of England during the American Revolution
Loyalist Those who remained loyal to the King
Marquis de Lafayette French noble who served under George Washington in the American Revolution and helped train the American troops
Maryland colony founded for Catholics
Massachusetts Bay Colony colony founded by Puritans for religious freedom
Mayflower Compact 1620, first document with form of self- government in North America
Mercantilism an economic system to increase a nation''s wealth by sending natural resources from colonies to the mother country.
Mercy Otis Warren Patriot writer that supported independence and convinced others to join the cause. First woman historian of the Americans Revolution
New England Colonies Which region of the colonies did the Puritans settle?
Patrick Henry Patriot from Virginia
Patriot Those who supported independence from England.
Primary reason for declaring independence being taxed without representation "a vote" in Parliament
Proclamation of 1763 Closed off the region west of the Appalachian mountains to colonial settlement
Quartering Act Law requiring colonists to provide housing and supplies to British soldiers.
Roger Williams founded Rhode Island for religious freedom
Samuel Adams Leader of the Sons of Liberty and Patriot who established the committees of correspondence in Boston & is thought to have planned the Boston Tea Party
Stamp Act Act which places a tax on almost all printed materials
Sugar Act Replaces the Molasses Act and placed a duty on molasses or sugar
Tea Act tax on tea, almost had to buy tea from England
Thomas Hooker Minister who leaves Massachusetts to settle Hartford, helped frame the FOC
Thomas Jefferson author of the Declaration of Independence
Thomas Paine Author of the revolutionary pamphlet Common Sense, urged Americans to support the Patriot cause
Townshend Acts Tax on imported goods like glass, lead, silk, tea, paint
Treaty of Paris 1763 ended the French and Indian War, gave all land West of the MS River to Spain and land East to England.
Treaty of Paris 1783 Agreement that ended the American Revolutionary War
Triangular Trade trade between England, the Americas, and Africa
unalienable rights (definition) rights given to you at birth that cannot be taken away
unalienable rights (what Thomas Jefferson said were unalienable) life, liberty, pursuit of happiness
Valley Forge winter camp where Washington's men die of cold
Virginia House of Burgesses the first representative assembly of elected representatives in North America, government of Virginia
Wentworth Cheswell Educated African American Patriot, made a ride that Paul Revere was supposed to make
What is the geography of the Southern colonies like? rich fertile soil, flat, fertile plains, slow rivers
What is the primary industry in the South? plantations, agriculture that depends on slave labor
What was the Economy of the Middle Colonies like? "breadbasket" colonies
What was the Geography of the Middle Colonies like? moderate weather, rolling hills
William Penn A wealthy Quaker who founded Pennsylvania
grievance complaint, listed in the Declaration of Independence as problems the colonies had with England
Created by: sealek
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